quitting opiates cold turkey- on day 3 - Part 3

By smith9666 · Nov 11, 2014 · ·
  1. Just very restless. And anxious. Especially at night. Most of all, My hands and legs drive me crazy. I feel like wripping then apart at times when it got really bad. Sleeping was not Happening until I went to my doc and he gave me the Ambien. It worked the first night and continues to work. My stomach was a little upset so I took pepto bismol and have been drinking a ton of water. I know that when I sit around is when I felt the worst so I took all my nieces to the park to jog aroung it a could times. It was hard becauae my energy level is not where it should be but I did and am glad I went instead of staying home. I just took my ambein so I should be kockimg soon


  1. Jungledog
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