quitting opiates cold turkey- on day 3 - Part 41

By smith9666 · Dec 6, 2014 · ·
  1. That all makes sense. Its just hard when it's so evident that your pain is tolerable when your stress is low and so much worse when your stress is high. I agree that you may have to take a pain pill on these days that it's worse because its something I will probably be facing when I go back to the doctor as well.

    I guess my big concern which is for u and also for me down the road is that you may take them to help the stress as much as you are for the pain. They are linked so closely that this is a tricky subject. Then at what point do we get stressed out more and them take more. I never had an issue with running out because my doctor would just write more or higher doses so I just have a hard time trusting myself to keep those separate. I think I will have to put a limit per week that I take and just stick to it regardless of how bad the pain ever gets.

    I dont know, its all too confusing. Maybe I'll just see what you end up doing and how it works out for you LOL


  1. Jungledog

    Yep, you just voiced my concerns exactly as I feel them. Pain IS made worse by stress. I teach my patients this and we discuss ways to reduce the stress and hence the pain. I think my pain gage is tears. That probably sounds stupid but I am a tough cookie and when the tears begin to fall...well that means the pain is just too much to handle. The day I took the hydrocodone I was sitting in the shower fucking sobbing and my husband wanted to kill me as he could not understand why I was "torturing myself" (his words). But he just doesn't understand the addiction part or at least that day he didn't. We have talked a lot about it since then and he understands how important it is to me to not go back where I was pill-wise. He also kind of saddled me with guilt today (although I do not think this was his intention)...stating "I think you need to think a little about how this affects our kids. You hurt and so you withdraw or get ugly and that isn't fair to them either." I have been pondering this too as before I was focused on them not having a drug addict mother...hadn't really considered this angle.

    Ugh. This is really not easy. I am going to sleep on it...you know if I can sleep as my neck is killing me! Shit.
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