quitting opiates cold turkey- on day 3 - Part 42

By smith9666 · Dec 6, 2014 · ·
  1. Yeah sleeping on it is good. It definately is not easy.

    Not to continue to ask you a million questions but do you plan on waiting until you jump from kratom before using the pain pills again? I was just wondering how this affects your tapering? Once you jump from the kratom and you are done with any WD symptoms you get then you could take them as prescribed without really having to worry about tolerance or WDs being a huge issue.

    Just curious on how that works.


  1. Jungledog

    I haven't decided yet. I honestly do not think taking one pill here and there is going to make a damn bit of difference to messing up a taper or bringing back withdrawal. A few days of daily use will though. The last time I took one pill the next day my AI kicked back in. This had nothing to do with taking the pill, it actually was the result of not taking it! Extreme pain is a huge stressor.

    If I decide to take them, I will simply do it when really necessary. This is not something I am taking lightly. Actually today on my thread I plan to explain what a brachial plexus injury is as I am pretty sure most people have no clue.
  2. Jungledog

    How you doing love? How's the back? Work? I am having a good day for a change! :)
  3. smith9666

    Hey there. Doing pretty good myself ;)

    I seen your thread. So you haven't taken any of the kratom yet? You were at such a low dose as it was that the gabopentin must he masking any WD symptoms. I think that's awesome. Hopefully it stays that way!
  4. Jungledog

    I have not taken any kratom. I am like super sleepy. Keep literally nodding off. Think I will head to bed early but other than that and dizziness I feel fine. I mean I had gone from 300 mg oxy plus morphine to loperamide and originally I used 5 tsps kratom every 5 hours (so like 20 tsps daily) tapered down to 2.5...I am hoping that this is going to be ok. I have felt like crap for awhile so nice to feel better. The best part is my pain is also better. :) Gralise is awesome!!!
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