quitting opiates cold turkey- on day 3 - Part 43

By smith9666 · Dec 8, 2014 · ·
  1. Day.... Hell if I know. I lost count.

    Today was good. A little busy but good. Sleeping was fine last night and most of the week actually. Pain is doing good as well. Not really feeling much. I was up and down a ladder all day at work so that may change tomorrow but we will see :)

    So glad to hear that you are doing so well JD. I can't wait to see how your next couple days go. Looks like all your hard work paid off. I have no doubt that you will do just fine with the pain meds. You have been through too much to let it get as bad as it was before and you can trust yourself again. Only you know how your pain is so nobody else can judge or tell you to deal with the pain without narcotics. They don't live in your shoes and go through what you do daily. I will probably have to resort to the same thing in time. I will try other things first but regardless, there is something about the pain after being on your feet for 12 hours and having to be right back at work at 7am that really makes it hard to manage when it comes to over the counter meds. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn't. Anyways, so happy for you. Hope you get some good sleep tonight :)


  1. Jungledog

    Yes, I agree. Chronic pain patients are pushed in a corner. We have to make difficult decisions about narcotics. I have been reflecting on this for days. I have decided that there will probably be days I need a pain pill. I need to accept this. But gone are the days when I could use them without being hyper-aware. The pain needs to be severe, I need to have tried all other alternative methods, and use needs to be greatly restricted. No more daily... Hell, no more even weekly use.

    Gralise seems to be really working. I hope that continues as tolerance to gabapentin seems to build really fast. It sure seems to be completely covering up any kratom withdrawal symptoms. Or perhaps I just got low enough in the taper. I mean it has been about 2.5 months and I used to take a lot of opiates and kratom. Taper folks!!! It works! :) Well, I certainly had withdrawal symptoms the whole time but I was able to work through the whole time. It was nothing when compared to cold turkey. So if you need to work (I just could not take off from work for 7-10 days plus couldn't risk violent symptoms with my AI), this method may work for you!! Just stick to it and don't give up!!!

    You sound so good Smith. It is soon time to plan the Rose Parade weekend for next summer! We all deserve it! :)
  2. Dund77
    As most people say withdrawal is different for everybody. But be careful with the ambiens, because what you really want is to go to sleep the natural way. I used to dose up on Tylenol pms and NyQuils. Eventually they didn't work then i said fuck im gonna do it naturally. Im thirty one days clean and I average about 4 hours a night of sleep. Which believe it or not is a huge improvement. Congrats on your sobriety. People say in NA that your brain actually takes about a year maybe two, to function regularly. Im talking about paws. the acute withdrawal is the worst. But paws is all mental. Hang in there...
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