quitting opiates cold turkey- on day 3 - Part 44

By smith9666 · Dec 8, 2014 · ·
  1. I only took the ambien for the first 3 nights.

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    I can't believe its been 2 days with no kratom!!! Wahoo!!! Good for you ;)

    I figured that tolerance must build fast with the gabopentin because of the dosage instructions on the script I have. It says to start with 400mg 3times daily and then every 5-7 days go up 100mg until a certain dosage and then stop there. The next time I have back pain I'm going to take a dosage of this. I still have a lot of the script that I was given to help with the WD's. I've used it a couple times for pain but not at the correct dosage which makes me wonder how well it would have worked had I taken the full amount. I guess we will see.

    I woke up feeling fine today. My back doesn't hurt but I'm a little sore today. Not a bad kind just like if I would have worked out for the first time In a while. I think I need to start running again. I've been slacking LOL


  1. Jungledog

    I have taken NO time for self in the past week. Tomorrow I am getting up early and going for a damn walk. I am getting fat and it is pissing me off. Time to get moving and care for me!!! Tonight I am feeling a bit more detoxy...achy, tired, nauseated but I forgot to take my Gralise on time so that could be the issue too.

    Gabapentin tolerance does build fast and there is certainly a withdraw if you suddenly stop taking it. I have no plan to ever stop taking it as it greatly reduces my pain so I am not worried about withdraw. I know that up to 5 grams (not milligrams but grams) can be taken safely each day so I am nowhere near that dose with my 1800 mg prescribed dose and I think I am only going to take 1200mg as it makes me really sleepy.

    You sound good my friend! :)
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