quitting opiates cold turkey- on day 3 - Part 48

By smith9666 · Dec 17, 2014 · ·
  1. Thanks JD. I have been seeing a psychologist since about a month after the incident. My work provided the service for free so I took them up on their offer.

    I changed it a couple times and on my 3rd one it has worked out great. I think its because he understands me a lot better and has actuatlly went through PTSD himself.

    Meds has been brought up during the last meeting so I may consider it during the time off of work. Couldn't hurt I guess.

    I'm just very greatful that I can take time off while getting paid. I think it will be helpful for working out some of this crap.

    I really wish you had the opportunity to do the same JD :(


  1. Jungledog
    So do I love, so do I!!!! :)
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