quitting opiates cold turkey- on day 3 - Part 59

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  1. Sounds yummy but I would starve on that LOL.

    I have a George Foreman grill that I love to use. Its a pretty good size one that I set on the counter.

    All the chicken is boneless/ skinless. I use different seasonings so its not always the same thing I'm eating but my favorite ones are mesquite, lemon lime and rosemary garlic. I just grab some down the seasoning isle or I'll make my own with whatever poultry seasoning I have. I use very little olive oil and mix the seasoning with that and then marinade the chicken for a few hours. Then cook it on the grill and it takes about 10 minutes to cook the entire weeks worth. It cooks very fast and the chicken comes out very tender and has a lot of flavor. I think I eat a couple portions just while I'm cooking it LOL

    As for the steak, I just season with a rub or Johnny's seasoning and cook it on the George foreman grill as well. Comes out great on that too. Takes about 8 minutes to cook 2 steaks so its very quick.

    I make brown rice and a ton of steam veges and mix and match the chicken in a container with brown rice and veges and a side salad for dinner. Sometimes I do a sweet potatoe instead of the brown rice and some days I go without the rice or potatoe. I mix it up.

    Most lunches are salads with chicken or Even tuna. I like to use that at times. I also make wraps for lunch with whole grain tortillas and chicken, steak or turkey in them with a ton of veges.

    Breakfast may sound strange but I had a workout buddy teach me this and I thought it was great. I use the cupcake tins that are rubber and I make egg bisquits I guess you can call it. I scramble the egg and add onions bell peppers, canadian bacon or ham and whatever else you want and then pour the mixture into the molds and I bake for 7-9 minutes. I keep it slightly undercooked so that when I reheat them throughout the next 4-5 days in the microwave, they don't get overcooked and dry. I eat 1-2 of those with an engish muffin and I am good to go.

    Sometimes i make an omelete for breakfast as well but its usually always eggs.

    I'm sure there are more meal ideas but I kind of stick to the same meals. I don't get tired of them so it works ;)

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    I forgot to add what I eat for snacks. I make a bunch of fruit smoothies and freeze them in zip lock bags in portions so I can just take one out and go.

    I buy the big bags of frozen fruit from Costco because it just seems to be the most cost effective way to get it. I mix it in the blender with almond milk or silk milk and thats usually all I put it in. I'm thinking about changing the way I make these though and start adding in some more things like JD's smoothies had. Mine are so basic but I can still get the same good flavor and add in some things that will have a lot of good nutritional value for me. I'll have to play around with it and see what tastes good.

    Sometimes I'll do a protein one if I'm feeling really hungry that day but I make these fresh. This consists of frozen banana, cocoa powder (just a little), peanut butter, chobani Greek yogurt, almond milk (or whatever you prefer).

    I usually make this on the days that I run long distance or if I do a hard workout. It keeps me full and gives me a lot of energy. Calorie wise, its not bad but its not great. I'm not really concerned too much about my calories usually because most of the food I eat is low calorie and I work out a lot. So I consider this a treat. ;)

    I will also sometimes eat fruit but not often. Other then frozen fruit, I'm not a big fan. Unless its watermellon of course. I always have one cut up in my fridge for snacks. Usually I eat celery sticks with peanut butter to fill me up between meals though if I'm not eating a smoothie.

    Now that I lay it all out, I just realized that I eat A LOT!! LOL. Wow, oh well. I enjoy eating a lot so it's all good. I may have to change some things if my weight loss platues but so far its been a consistent 2-5 pounds a week.


  1. Jungledog

    If you hit a weight loss plateau, look up something called proper food combining. Practiced correctly the weight melts off. Basically don't combine a protein and a starch. So have your sweet potato with a salad and veggies but not chicken. Have your chicken with a salad and steamed non-starch veggies. Sounds crazy but it works consistently.

    Also wanted to suggest a smoothie you will LOVE. Freeze chunks of watermelon. Blend them with vanilla almond milk and a little stevia. It is magic in a glass and would be a great breakfast. My nine year old loves it. You can add 2 cups of spinach to it to add protein without changing the taste at all. Spinach is a green that has a neutral taste. Also make sure it is organic. Spinach is on the dirty dozen list...the most highly sprayed with pesticide.

    Cymbalta can be used to treat PTSD as well as pain. I have found my nightmares have decreased and my mood is night and day. I think my neurotransmitters were fucked. I am not even at the therapeutic dose yet so things should keep improving. My only issue with this drug is really, really bad constipation. Sorry if that is TMI. :)

    Enjoy your time off! Post more if you can...I miss you.
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