Quitting oxycodone using suboxone taper. - Part 18

By Hydroxyout · Oct 28, 2014 · ·
  1. Ok so midday day 3

    Nausea - check
    Indigestion - check
    Upset stomach - sort of
    Diarrhea - not today :)

    The answer is always Pepto Bismol and possibly zofran if things get real bad. Overall feeling like I cannot complain about anything. I keep trying to make something up but I cannot without sounding like a whiny bitch. Not much of an appetite - keep drinking protein shakes, had some broth with pasta and chicken for lunch. A bit of a headache but hey, who the fuck doesn't get headaches. Yes, I certainly lack a bit of energy. My spirits are all hyper but on the outside I'm like a soggy public bathroom mop (ok that's an exaggeration).

    Good so far!

    There's certainly a pull towards that bottle of Percocet my wife has on the table but I know she'll count them and I cannot take any without raising suspicion.


  1. Jungledog

    You sound like you are mentally handling the physical symptoms. I am taking things one hour at a time. Currently watching my kid in goal and simply enjoying a beautiful evening outside. Feels awesome.

    STAY AWAY from the perc's !!! Control that bitch! Hear me??

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