Quitting oxycodone using suboxone taper. - Part 2

By Hydroxyout · Oct 20, 2014 · ·
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    Thanks for the kind words.

    It certainly has been an insane time in my life. My boys came early (as trips usually do) and had to spend 2.5 months in NICU. Almost lost one a day after they were born (he stopped breathing). I stood there and watched as 15 people crowded around the incubator worked on bringing him back. He literally turned blue. What was about 2 minutes seemed like a lifetime. I remember the social worker coming up to me and asking if I needed a chair and I couldn't even open my mouth to say anything. Glad my wife wasn't there.

    Hands down the WORST day of my life.

    They're all doing great now. Healthy and active. You're certainly right. There's no downtime with three yet I still find myself planning my next sub dose. Thoughts come and go throughout the day. It's hard fighting alone but that's just reality. I will emerge stronger than ever on the other side.

    Thanks again.

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    So the plan is tomorrow I cut my sub dose in half again. So I'll be down to .25 mg per day.

    I feel like hypersensitivity is my worst enemy. Symptoms which a non-addict would just shrug off make me want to reach for comfort meds. Every little twitch and every little ache awakens a desire to take something to make it go away no matter how minor or tollerable symptoms are.

    Went out last night with a few friends to a local bar after helping my wife put the kids to sleep. Definitely for a few hours didn't think about subs or the taper. Got fairly drunk and suffering consequences today. Hungover. Still had to get up at 6am and feed the kids and then take them outside for an hour walk. The walk and the fresh air did help make the hangover better. At 11:30 took my usual .25 mg sub.

    Will check back soon.

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    Fucking slipped today on 30 mg oxycontin. Fuck!!! That's all I can say. I'm due to lower my sub dose tomorrow and still plan on doing that. Will let y'all know how it goes.


  1. Once.up.on.a.time
    Hey sweetheart

    I bet your wife would be heartbroken that you feel you can't go to her, I know you feel that you are doing the right thing and protecting her, you have the same mentality as my partner. But I always say to him I'd rather be hurt by the truth than protected with a lie, you would find all you get is support.

    A little upset at first but I think you need her on side. Up to you Hun just thought I'd make a suggestion.

    You are right this will give you, and will have already given you, a strength you never knew you had. I have a 23 month old I can not imagine for a second having triplets, I'm just speechless. What you and your wife do on a daily basis is amazing, I know a million percent I could not look after 3 babies at once. You must be such wonderful parents, and such caring and giving people to do what you are for your children. I hope they bring you all the joy in the world you could ever wish for.

    I'm an oxy addict myself but my doses are double that of yours, they are for legitimate pain but it's well out of hand, with the stress of the pain and the serious depression I've suffered since my daughter was born it's not top of my list to address yet but the time is coming. My partner knows I take them but I'm unsure if he realises how bad it is, he will support me always whatever I do. I've got my Kratom all ready for when the time comes, I don't have the emotional energy to cold turkey withdrawal. This depression means it takes everything that is left inside me every day just to get up and dressed and look after my angel.

    It's been nearly 2 years now I've been I treatment I don't know how much I have left inside me to fight it. I never had a sad day in my life before I was the most bouncy, happiest girl in the world. Now I have the most precious angel I could be blessed with and I'm miserable. I know it's just hormones or chemicals but I'd give everything I have or will ever have, except my angel, to wake up and be myself. Well random information for you sweet, thank you for listening, woke up in a bad panic attack and talking to you got me out of it so thanks :)

    To the point if you need to talk I'm happy to listen, you can DM me, it's hard to keep up with all the threads, I will always reply so you will always have support and someone to listen. If you feel like picking up some oxy message me. By the time we have talked hopefully the craving will have passed.

    You are a wonderful and amazing man for looking after your family and hiding your problems. If you choose to message me I will be here to support you.

    Your doing amazingly keep on your nearly there.

    Much love

    Fairy Princess xxx
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