Quitting oxycodone using suboxone taper. - Part 21

By Hydroxyout · Oct 29, 2014 · ·
  1. So nausea decided to sneak up on me in the morning rather than evening. What a slut. Trying to drown her in ginger ale. A bit less energy too this morning. Gotta keep busy.

    It's a bit early to look back at suboxone and what it has allowed me to do but when I think about it, I do not for a second regret making that appointment and starting subs. As soon as I started suboxone I felt way more productive. Changed my diet and started working out. Lost 20 pounds since opiates made me gain like crazy. Now with a healthier body thanks to subs I feel much more prepared to deal with withdrawals.

    Random thoughts.



  1. Jungledog
    I think random thoughts are part of the process to heal. Need to sort out in your head why this all became a problem in the first place, ya know? I too have gained 26 pounds with opiates. Once my HPA axis went haywire I was screwed and I stopped my healthy diet & exercise. Think we both we made right decision to come clean

    Ok so had weird issue. I took kratom 1.5 tsp before lunch cuz I am really dragging. 30 minutes later felt that all too familiar opiate buzz coming on. I don't get a buzz from kratom usually, just relief from symptoms. So WTF?? I do not want to feel this way. Freaking me out a bit!!

    Off to work more. Be strong.

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