Quitting oxycodone using suboxone taper. - Part 31

By Hydroxyout · Nov 6, 2014 · ·
  1. Hey all!

    Still kicking but fuck am I exhausted this evening. Had an annoying headache most of the day. Busy day at work. For some reason I was thinking a lot about kratom today although I'v never used it so don't know what it's like but I almost ended up busying some. Almost. I thought well maybe it's harmless and will help me when I actually crave opiates but not sure I trust myself with anything like that.

    End of day 11 and every day that passes by I feel proud of myself. Proud that I'v been able to save almost 10 grand since switching to suboxone. Proud that I look better physically. Haven't looked like this (in shape) for about 8 years. Used to buy size 38 pants at the peak of my opiate use and now size 34 is a bit loose on me. Proud that I'm actually present for my kids and not going out scoring and of course that also means proud that I'm clean another day.

    Long road ahead but I'v started walking and soon I'll be running on this road (and throwing roses in the air).

    Hope everyone is having a good evening.



  1. Jungledog

    You are probably thinking about kratom because you are reading about me using it. Don't do it. There are many who believe it is a harmless plant. It is not. It sits on the mu receptors just like traditional opiates and is addictive and will give you withdrawal. I have read many threads that say if you wean down slowly you will have minimal withdrawal. Not sure that is true. I have attempted to use this shit several times to get off oxy and previously did not work.

    Congrats on your clean time and all that you have accomplished. The hardest part is the first 90 days. You are clean!!!!! So proud and jealous too. :)

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