Quitting oxycodone using suboxone taper. - Part 32

By Hydroxyout · Nov 7, 2014 · ·
  1. End of day 12 and I'm ready to sleep. I took my usual 1 mg Ativan around 8 pm and then wife and I went out to a restaurant for a friend's birthday. I felt really exhausted but still managed to have a good time. Socializing with friends didn't feel like a burden today.

    During the day I was visited MANY times by the voice in my head telling me that it would be ok to score because I'm going out tonight and it would be much more fun if I took some pills. I hate the voice. It's my voice and I hate it.

    I feel like some of the daytime energy is coming back. Work was busy as always and I made it through the day without feeling like a sad sack. There was about an hour midday when I started feeling heavy and soggy but snapped out of it quickly. Took some exedrin for a headache I had since 5 am and that seemed to make me feel better and wake me up an bit.

    Minutes become hours and hours become days. I'll tuck this day away as another proud day.

    To anyone that reads horror stories about getting off suboxone I just want to say that a lot of those stories have to do with people jumping off a higher dose of suboxone and expecting to feel fine. If you are thinking about starting suboxone or you're currently using suboxone, remember you have to be patient and disciplined with tapering. Take your time. Taper as slowly as you want and once you're down to a minuscule dose and jump off, your withdrawal will most likely be very well tolerated.

    It can be done!

    Good night DF.

    PS. JD I know kratom is not harmless. It was just a passing thought sort of like thoughts that one dose of opiates is harmless. I'm really proud of your progress. Keep it up!!!


  1. Jungledog

    You are doing great! The fatigue goes with the territory and from what I read it lasts awhile. Keep eating healthy and exercising. It does help! Honest.

    Glad to hear you enjoyed a night out without drugs. It is funny but I am beginning to realize that sometimes I took the oxy to help me relax in social situations. Like my parents completely stress me out. I always took extra oxy when dealing with them. I have been avoiding them for 2 weeks! God help me I have to go see them today. :eek:

    Anyhow, keep rocking it out. Oh and the voice you hear is the hag. It is not YOU. You have control. Keep slapping that bitch...hard.


    Jungledog added 339 Minutes and 17 Seconds later...

    Well I made it to 11! 6 hours! Took 2 tsp Maeng da. Feeling pretty good damn people. Feeling pretty damn good. :) I just keep thinking "I think I can, I think I can!!!" I want this so bad. I just want it.
  2. Hydroxyout
    Damn. I feel like shit tonight and can't stop thinking about using. Got a big ol headache and my mood resembles a smelly piece of poo. About to bathe the boys, maybe that'll help snap me out of it.
  3. Jungledog
    Slap that hag. Not sure which is worse...the mental or physical. It is 1 am and I am soaking my legs in a scalding hot shower and then will rub with tiger balm. My mind goes to the pills. It sucks. Hope you are holding steady. We can do this shit. We can.

    Hugs, JD
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