Quitting oxycodone using suboxone taper. - Part 38

By Hydroxyout · Nov 16, 2014 · ·
  1. LG, first of all thank you! I always feel amazing when someone says that my journal helped them. It almost makes me feel euphoric. I'm glad my story gives people hope and courage to proceed.

    I started suboxone on June 24th of this year. I was put on a dose that was way too high. The doctor prescribed 16 mg per day. My first dose I only took 8 mg and that dose held me for a good 7 days. I thought I wasn't going to take anymore but being an addict I started taking it daily. The daily dose I took was 4 Mgs. I was on that dose for 3 months and then started the taper. Getting down to 1 mg was fairly easy. After that I started feeling withdrawal symptoms. Stabilized myself at .5 mg for about a week and a half and then got impatient. Did .25 mg for three days and then .125 for two days. October 25th was my first sober day.

    I'm fighting cravings any way I can. When I get one I do push ups or squats or distract myself any other way. As you know during my taper I did slip a few times so didn't do a very good job there. Now they are getting better but some days are still a bit tough. I made sure that ALL of my connections are deleted from my phone and email (and trust me I had many). Basically exercise has been the biggest help in getting my mood and self image up.

    I know it's hard to picture all this but it's doable.


  1. JonBenetMom
    Hydroxyout- one thing that I never gave you big credit for: you said they gave you suboxone on a dose "way too high" That right there shows how ready you were to get off this shit! That you willingly admitted " hey I dont need THAT much" is kind of a big deal!

    Anyways I have a huge headache but since tattoos were brought up… my brother is a tattoo artist in Northern California. Im planning a new one when Im all done with this stuff too! I have some already but I really want something o signify this "awakening" (or trip to Nirvana. with JD) and so I might do some blossoming floral art or something across my shoulders … I dont know but the eye is on the prize!

    Hope you and your tiny midget army is doing great this weekend!! You are inspiring os many of us just by showing up here and being honest and sharing your path with us!
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