Quitting oxycodone using suboxone taper. - Part 39

By Hydroxyout · Nov 16, 2014 · ·
  1. Thanks JBM. I'm actually IN northern Cali. I already have the design in mind just need the artist to draw it up. I too have a couple small tattoos but definitely want this one. My midget army an I are watching the 49ers kill the Giants :).


    You know, to some people, going on suboxone means taking the easy way out but I just want to say it doesn't matter what approach you take. What matters is that you achieve your goal.

    As Felipe Andres Coronel said, "Hell is not a place you go, if you're not a Christian. It's the failure of your life's greatest ambition". Do whatever it takes!

    Love you all,



  1. smith9666

    I just read through your entire thread..... Just so you know it took long enough to almost kill my battery lol. But it was very encouraging to me. I'm on day 9 and anytime I am feeling bad I like to read the threads or go running.

    Anyways, I hope you keep posting your progress. You are a lot further along then me so its encouraging to read. :)
  2. Jungledog
    Well, I do not think taking Suboxone is easy way out. Not a fucking competition. The goal is out any way you freaking can. And you rocked it!

    I am having a good day. Afraid to jinx it but I have only had 1 tsp today. Can't freaking believe it. Feeling pretty damn good. :) JD
  3. lostlygirl

    I need you to tell me how good this is. I'm struggling :).

    What have you noticed the most? What is your brain like, I mean is your head so much clearer? What do you think are the biggest changes in your life? What do you like the most?

    What do you think the biggest obstacles are to recovery?

    What has PAWS been like for you?

    Sending you love, my friend.

    Hugs xxoo
  4. Hydroxyout
    Hey everyone. Just a quick check in. Don't have much time to type on the phone right now but LG I'll answer your questions shortly!

    Love you all!
  5. Jungledog
    Miss you my friend! Hope you are not checking in simply because you are healing and returning to your life. Give those boys a kiss for me.

  6. lostlygirl
    JD, I was thinking this same thing last night!! :)

    How's the recovery going Hydroxy? Are you hanging in there? Check back in with us every now and then, we miss you :) Tell us what those boys of yours are up to. Are they climbing out of their cribs yet?

    Hugs, xxoo
  7. Lilacs46
    Don't feel that way. if you feel like you should suffer, I should suffer worse. I'm not the only one in my family who is addicted. My youngest son is also. He started using after I was put on meds by my doctor. But I didn't know he was using until I started noticing my pill missing. He said he started using before I was prescribed the meds because the guy he was working for would give them to him. After a while, he started stealing mine. That is one of the reasons I'm glad my dr took me off of them. Even though I still have terrible pain in my hip, at least he can't get pills from me. And my shame goes even further. I started buying pills from his boss and shared them with him. He is 25 and way to young to be throwing his life away on drugs. I told him if I stop he has to stop. So far he hasn't listened, but as of now he has to. He isn't working for that man right now so he can't buy them and I told him I will not buy anymore for him. I will however share what subs I have to ween him off like I have. I haven't taken anything today, after only using a really low dose of subs for three days prior. So far, I haven't felt any withdrawals, and I hope that continues. So, don't put yourself down so much. We all fall down, but it's how we pick ourselves up after falling that matters.

    Lilacs46 added 2 Minutes and 36 Seconds later...

    Okay, maybe I am withdrawing. LOL I meant to say that he stated using before me, but then once I was put on them he started stealing mine.
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