Quitting oxycodone using suboxone taper. - Part 41

By Hydroxyout · Nov 25, 2014 · ·
  1. Thanks everyone. Damn LG, you almost had me in tears.

    Well, physically I'm not feeling great today. Sweating/heightened anxiety/agitation/muscle aches but mentally I'm good. I'm in a fairly good mood and ready to reclaim my clean time again. Guilt still looms over me but I have to move on and stay on track. Thanks to everyone for the continued support. If I didn't keep thinking about all you people and how I'd have to come back and post about it, I don't know but I might have still been binging. I know the everyone has said that they won't judge but a big part of the reason I stopped myself is because of the thought of all of you. I feel like I'v given lots of people hope and didn't want to keep using because in my head that was like betrayal to all of you.

    Thanks again! Love you all.


  1. Jungledog

    We all feel that too. I felt like I was letting people down when I had to halt the taper! I wanted to be strong and show that WE could do this shit. And I think we can and are more likely to succeed as a group...teams always stronger than the individual, you know?

    You sound like you have your head back in the game. Keep exercising and hugs those boys for me.

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