Quitting oxycodone using suboxone taper. - Part 7

By Hydroxyout · Oct 25, 2014 · ·
  1. Thanks for the support JD.

    Well yesterday I didn't take any suboxone. Today none so far. I'm pushing hard. Part of me thinks that I SHOULD suffer and therefore hopefully learn the lesson but the other part of me does want a relatively pain free withdrawal with all sorts of comfort meds. There are certainly days when I wish I had kratom and Gabapentin. Well either way I'm still planning on using this week to detox completely. If I really start feeling like shit I'll just take .06 of suboxone and pray that helps.

    Today I'm feeling ok so far. Weekends are always busy taking care of the boys with my wife.

    Thanks again.


  1. Jungledog
    Well if you have this week and can tolerate jumping, go for it. The worst of it is the first 3-4 days if you have only been on suboxone for a short time. I will be here cheering you on!
  2. Hydroxyout
    Warning: One liner below :)

    How can I score close to zero on COWS yet feel like such dick :)
  3. Jungledog

    How are you doing? I am feeling a bit shitty but holding steady. And I am probably an idiot, but I have NO idea what your one liner mean!!! LOL

  4. LuLu81
    JD, COWS is a scale that you measure withdrawal symptoms against. (sorry i cant post links as i use my phone to post but you will probably find it if you UTFSE or google it).

    Don't feel bad about that Hydroxyout. Just because your physical symptoms are minimal doesn't mean that you aren't ruled by the Psychological symptoms.
    I'm the opposite, mainly physical with few psychological symptoms but i know a few people like you and believe me, they struggle just as much as i do, if not more in some cases, as their withdrawal lasts much longer than mine and they get PAWS really bad.
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