Quitting oxycodone using suboxone taper. - Part 9

By Hydroxyout · Oct 26, 2014 · ·
  1. They're one year :) it's been a crazy year and I cannot wait for what the future holds. It's a fuckload of work but certainly a fuckload of fun.

    I'm trying hard to not let every minor symptom have me running for some sort of comfort meds. For me I think that's always the breaking point where I just feel like the withdrawal will go on forever and so I break. I keep telling myself that this is temporary and I'll be stronger when it's done.
    Some minor rls also kicked in but nothing huge. I'm gonna put some bengay on my calf and wrap it tight. This has helped me in the past.

    Cheers JD!


  1. LuLu81
    I often find those microwavable heat packs good for rls, well as far as anything non medicated goes. In fact, i have 3 herniated disks in my back and the heat packs are better than NSAIDs and other medications (not opiates unfortunately).

    Your doing really well. It will soon be over.
  2. Jungledog
    Thanks for tip LuLu. I will try that. I like a very hot bath with Epsom salts but that isn't too convenient to do several times per day.

    Wow! 3 one year olds. Holy shit are you busy! I wish that I didn't need the kratom. The gabapentin I actually take for my pain and it helps plus since I have been taking it my migraines went away. But I know what you mean about the comfort meds.

    My walk went good...still kicking this crap.
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