Quitting Oxycodone with Loperamide- My story begins... - Part 10

By Jungledog · Oct 26, 2014 · ·
  1. I think it is mostly mental. I mean the physical is all too real but what you think is what you believe. And what you believe tends to become reality. Think positive, get pissed at the pills, the strips, the kratom. I think you have to want this more than anything. I have read so many people say that to be successful you have to really be ready. We got this. Roses in our future. You in a short time have become important to my process. I don't feel so alone. And that goes for Roaddog & Golddust too!:)


  1. Hydroxyout
    You're too kind!

    I do love reading your updates and your comments in my journal. I'm always here if you just need to unload.

    Thanks again.
  2. Roaddoggy
    Well Jungledog. You say insomnia is a big one for you. I can relate as I jumped off the doses you are on, cold turkey. At first I struggled to sleep, but quickly found a routine, that allowed me to achieve at least 4 or 5 hours every night. But its tricky. Now I am not telling you to do as I did. I am simply stating this is how I did it. I am no Doctor, and am not qualified to give advice.

    But with that said, there is no reason I can tell you what I did. So first off in the evening, I would make up a strong tradional Kava tea. I would consume my Kava around around 7pm. It would take about 30 minutes for the Kava to take full effect. The effects were often strong enough to almost mask the withdrawals. All most give me a break so to say.

    Around 8;30pm, I would eat a healthy dinner, and takes some fiber. This would often boost the effects of the Kava. Next around 10pm, I would take 15mgs of melatonin , and 50mgs of diphenhydramine. Then I would go lay down in bed, and put on a movie. I would shut off all the lights, as Melatonin works off lighting. Then I would smoke some unmentionable herbs I often use, and am prescribed.

    Anyway, I would shut the TV off at 12.pm Midnight. Then I would go lay down and go to sleep. But it took a routine like that to get sleep, otherwise I would be up pacing the floor. I would look so forward to my Kava time, because that was my somewhat painless evening, of another day sober. It was hard at times to get sleep. But even Cold turkey, I slept Ok using my method.

    Insomnia was not one of my worst symptoms. By far, lack of motivation, and depression where what got me down. Also the Restless leg Syndrome, that seemed to spread throughout my whole body. I had a lot of muscle spasms. The need to non stop pace the floors really sucked to. The whole dam thing for me was hell in a bucket, and rapped up with a pretty bow. Meaning it was rough.

    But You can do this. You have it in you to find your routine, and start getting some sleep. As I mentioned to you earlier, its like doing time. You have to find what works, and repeat it every day, until you no longer need to.

    Funny thing is, my routine is the same, as I taper Benzos too. I find they have some similar like symptoms. But different enough for me to tell the difference. Like Benzos give you the shakes. I have never had the shakes before. Benzos are a rough long lasting never ending withdrawal from hell too.

    Anyway, just wishing you the best, may tomorrow be pain free. Much love. Roaddog....
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