Quitting Oxycodone with Loperamide- My story begins... - Part 103

By Jungledog · Nov 25, 2014 · ·
  1. Day 34 Kratom Taper

    Good morning all. I am sitting here sipping on green tea and trying to wake up! Morning is not a happy time people. I just always feel so tired this time of day. I guess it is partly that I wake up in mild withdrawal and the rest is wonderful AI. I slept from 10-6:30 so 8.5 hours. I just took my 1.75 tsp of kratom. So it looks like my new daily dose is 7 tsp which is great. I will hold here through the weekend. If feeling good, then I will drop again Monday. Unless I can stretch the dosing intervals. One of the most important parts of tapering is stretching the intervals. I go 7-8 hours at night so I should be able to do the same thing during the day. Not going to push myself too hard...I just noticed yesterday that when I was busy and could not get away to go toss and wash kratom, I was able to go 6 hours between doses and honestly think I could have gone longer but I took the window because it was available.

    LG, The argument was about replacing a theory based course with a clinical course. The theory people were pissed because basically their fluffy, bullshit course was being eliminated. I think the theory course could be quite useful but not as currently taught and it needs to be beefed up. The clinical course is necessary as students need more of this content. So the vote went to replace the theory course with the clinical one. What happened next blew my mind. The dean and her high level gang STOPPED the process and basically said that the course would only be placed on a moratorium and they would evaluate it. So much for a democracy...my college turned into a dictatorship yesterday and it made me sad and angry.

    As for eating when you are hungry...if you eat an entirely whole food based diet that is absolutely fine. I believe the body functions much better then and acts appropriately. BUT with a diet that contains consistently processed foods (especially sugar and processed genetically modified wheat such as bread and pasta) the body does not function appropriately. It gets sugar, burns through it very quickly, the body crashes after the rush, and begins to crave...meaning you will tend to get hungry every 2-3 hours instead of every 6-8 which is what nature intended.

    I usually drink just a green smoothie for breakfast. I begin to get hungry around hour 5-6 but I usually do not eat until at least an hour after that. I do this because the body only heals during periods of fasting. So another rule I have is no snacking. I eat 1 liquid breakfast (which stands for "breaking the fast"...meaning the body has fasted over night) which is basically pre-digested food that the body easily assimilates. Then I have lunch and dinner. As soon as you eat, the body changes its cleaning and healing to digestion. So if you give the body a rest from digestion, it will focus on all other functions instead. Because I do this, I usually get in at least a 12-14 hour fast each night. What is cool about this is you will notice your body morphs to a beautiful shape (you will lose or gain depending on what your body needs), your hair becomes smooth and healthy, nails grow strong, and your skin will glow. People used to stop me and ask me what I was doing! I have only been back at eating right for a few months. I am down about 10 pounds and just last week my hairdresser asked me what new products I was using (which were none) because my hair was so healthy. I am committed to eating this way. I know it works and will heal my AI once off the kratom. It just takes time.

    Off to check threads and then get in a walk.


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    Let’s talk about eggs. While I eat primarily a plant based diet, I actually do not advocate a full vegan diet. I think you can successfully be on a healthy vegan diet but it does take a bit of planning. So the animal products I do eat are goat milk kefir, goat cheese, and organic, pasture raised eggs. If at someone’s house for dinner, I will place a small amount of the meat they serve on my plate and will eat a bite or two to be polite. The only meat I will NOT eat is pork. There is a reason Jewish law forbade it and stated it was unclean. Pigs do not sweat. This means that all their toxins get stored in their fat. When you cook this highly fatty meat, you are literally stewing it in the toxins it stored. In the United States, pigs are fed genetically modified, highly pesticide sprayed corn.

    Ok back to eggs. Eggs are an excellent source of protein with 6 grams in each one. They also contain 5 gm of healthy fat. Yes, they contain cholesterol but this does NOT affect blood levels of cholesterol. Actually they contain high levels of HDL (the healthy cholesterol) and mitigate the effects of LDL (the bad kind). They have tons of vitamins and minerals and contain choline which helps brain function. Eat the yolk. It contains lutein which protects our eyes! And one egg only contains 77 calories.

    So consider eating eggs a few times per week. Ensure they are organic and pasture raised though as research shows the factory farmed ones do NOT have all these benefits.

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    Ugh. Feeling really, really tired. No detox symptoms but boy do I think the AI is sneaking back in. The stress of yesterday killed me. This is what happened before...I would have a stressful day and then it would take me 3 days to recuperate. What do I mean? Well, I took a short walk this morning. When I got back, I had to rest for 30 minutes before I showered. After I showered, I sat on the sofa and did paperwork for 30 more minutes before I had enough physical energy to get up, get dressed, do my hair, and put on makeup. Now I am sitting again before I have to go meet a student.

    Going to make myself some hard boiled eggs for lunch. Hopefully food will help. Need some positive vibes today. :) Hope you are all doing good.


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    Well, have been feeling serious fatigue. I experimented to see if it was the kratom taper by going up on dose and it didn't make a damn bit of difference. I think my AI is returning full throttle and that really, really sucks. Not sure what to do as treatment is essentially rest (which isn't gonna fucking happen when you are only adult working full-time in your home). :( Sad and frustrated.



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    I'm sad and frustrated for you :(
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