Quitting Oxycodone with Loperamide- My story begins... - Part 104

By Jungledog · Nov 26, 2014 · ·
  1. Day 34 Wrap up

    Thanks for your support. Today was a bad day but you know what? It forced me to make some important decisions. I am resigning my clinical position tomorrow. I will shift my clinical practice to a local free clinic that had been recruiting me. The money is not the best but the pace is wonderful and I will be helping people who really need it! This will greatly reduce my stress and bring me joy.

    Today I held at 7 tsps kratom. I am exhausted but have no detox symptoms. I walked, did my yoga, took a hot bath, and relaxed as best I could. I cared for myself instead of others for a change. Baby steps.

    I hope everyone is ok as it was very quiet on the forum today. I plan to beat this shit. Not giving up.



  1. smith9666
    Holy shit! You are my hero! If I ever give notice I was thinking doing so on a cake. You know, go out big! Haha

    Huge decision! That's great though, you seem sure and satisfied with it and it was obviously the cause of a good portion of your stress.
  2. missparkles
    JD... I've done so many detoxes, failed detoxes I might add, but over the last 40 years I've come to realise that if I'm not taking care of y own emotional (and physical) needs then I'm not fit to take care of anyone else, I just end up burning out at both ends. That can make early recovery harder than it needs to be. I learned that the hard way. Have you considered using Melatonin to help improve your sleep and if your sleep pattern is a little out of wack that can reset it, I found it invaluable. Having a sleep hygiene routine (Yeah I know a lot of people smile to themselves whenever I mention this, but I'm the one that is sleeping ok at night, can they still smile and say the same thing? I'll leave it there as I know that you have an extremely busy day. You're doing so well, you have all of the bases covered, from nutrition to relaxation and ore.

    Sparkles. :vibes:

    PS? Thanks for the message.
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