Quitting Oxycodone with Loperamide- My story begins... - Part 106

By Jungledog · Nov 27, 2014 · ·
  1. End of Day 35

    Feeling ok just my fatigue which makes me cranky especially when it is the holidays and there is a ton of shit to do. I had a total of 7 tsps again today. Detox ok just start to feel even more tired when the crap wears off. Going to try to get some good sleep. Hope you all have a great holiday tomorrow. Expect to be busy but will try to stop in!

    LG. I wondered why you weren't posting and then saw your post about your new found energy! Well done! Can you send some of that energy my way??? Lol

    And Smith, hang in girl. We need to get you a new job! :)



  1. lostlygirl
    Hi JD, I think it's a good move to take 6 months off from your clinical job rather than quit. It buys you some much needed time where you can reevaluate what you are needing in your life. You could also approach the free/low income clinic and say you will be willing to work there on a three month trial basis starting in Feb. It would give you a few months with just your college job to recuperate and get your AI under control, taper off of Kratom, and get your health back. Also, if the free/low income clinic isn't what it you thought it was, or if you find you cannot survive on the lower income, you have the option of taking back the clinical job if you want it (while asking for a raise, of course! :)).

    I am sorry that the Dean ended up being a jerk. It's a democracy until the vote doesn't go her way (eye roll). I loved teaching but I HATED the politics. I seriously felt like I was back in high school. There were also people that were threatened by me because I actually gave a crap and taught my classes well. You can't fuck with the status quo, or some people might have to start doing their jobs and actually teach something! As a result I was offered whatever classes I wanted to teach by the Dean. My Dept Head then thought I wanted her administrative job, which was the very last thing I ever wanted. I want to teach and do a good job, that's it. College politics are office politics times 10, it's seriously messed up.

    I have to start teaching again this winter because my idiot ex was fired from his $120,000 job this Oct (words cannot describe how pissed I am). That was one of the reasons I used up those patches so fast. I will get into that more on my thread. My kids are home this week so its a little crazy and hard to write too much.

    I am glad you got through the stress of asking to quit. That's some seriously hard stuff to deal with. Are you feeling good about 6 mths off? Perhaps this will be a bit of a wake up call for your dr and your hubby and they will both reevaluate somewhat.

    Happy thanksgiving my friend!

    Hugs xxoo
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