Quitting Oxycodone with Loperamide- My story begins... - Part 111

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  1. Mrs. B,

    Actually black tea is basically green tea that underwent a drying and fermenting process. As such it has very similar properties and is very healthy for you! One study on black tea drinkers showed that they had a 70% less chance of developing diabetes. So drink up! And yes, decaffeinated tastes like ass. :)


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    Day 37 End of Day and Nutrition Thoughts

    I have been getting a lot of private messages asking what supplements I would recommend that addicts in recovery should take. While I am not a big proponent of heavy supplement use in healthy individuals, I was reflecting today about the fact that most addicts are not healthy people. Many of us have dropped the ball on self care and while using drugs food was really not high on our priority list. So now that we are clean or getting clean we find ourselves with bodies to heal.

    So I decided to tell you what supplements I take and/or have suggested to my patients when I thought they might help them.

    1) Probiotics- Guts of addicts are all fucked up. We have fed them crappy food or no food at all. With opiates, we slowed our peristalsis down to a crawl and the food that was in there basically sat and rotted disturbing the delicate balance of critters (good vs bad bacteria). With time the bad bacteria took over and led to constipation, bloating, and gas. You may also have noticed that you pick up colds and shit often. This is because 70% of our immune system resides in our gut. When it is out of balance, we can't fight infection. So look for a high quality probiotic. Mine contains 30 Billion critters including 16 different strains of bacteria. I also include fermented foods in my diet such as goat milk kefir and sauerkraut. Store your probiotics in the fridge.

    2) Food-based Multivitamin- Food based vitamins are of much higher quality than crap derived from a laboratory and sold at your local pharmacy. I can't source here so you will need to google and look for a good brand. Know that they are a little more than the cheaper store versions but not by much. I buy mine online. These vitamins ensure that your body is receiving the basic nutrients it needs to heal from the trauma of the drug use you subjected it to.

    3) DHEA- This one is tricky. You should ONLY take this hormone if you have had labwork that shows your sex hormones are low. DHEA is a precursor hormone that your adrenal glands make and it turns into estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. Women in or near menopause suffer from low DHEA and this is why the hormones fall. This also happens in opiate users. When I was originally diagnosed with the issue, my physicians placed me on birth control pills and implanted a testosterone pellet in my ass. This treatment resulted in worsening of heavy menstrual bleeding. I searched for answers and ironically it was my pain management doctor who said "why are they giving you all this risky shit?" (As hormones in women over 45 are NOT low risk and significantly raise cardiac and cancer risks). He suggested DHEA as then the body will begin making what it needs on its own. He was right. It took 3 months but my body is back in rhythm and my hormone levels are now improved.

    Please understand that DHEA also increases risks like the other hormones (although lower if taken at low doses) and should be monitored. Usual doses for women are 12.5mg to 25 mg daily. Men take 25-50mg daily.

    4) Vitamin D- With the advent of sun screen and extreme fear of skin cancer (which I believe is unfounded...cancer happens more because the body is lacking antioxidants and so can't fight cell damage...it is literally a fruit and veggie deficiency...than exposure to toxins! If you think I am nuts, go read the American Cancer Association's website and see what they tell you about eating more plants), people stopped getting enough sunlight. The body makes 20,000 units of Vit D with just 20 minutes of exposure to sunlight with most of the skin exposed (think a bathing suit). Most people are seriously deficient in this nutrient. You can have levels drawn but I basically find that 95% or greater of my patients have this disorder. I take 5,000 units daily.

    5) Vitamin C - Most people with opiate issues have also developed adrenal issues. The body makes cortisol from Vitamin C. If the body is stressed and is low on Vitamin C it totally freaks and paradoxically makes MORE cortisol. Supplement this and you will enable your adrenal glands to work much better. It will result in lessening of anxiety because cortisol levels will drop. I explained dosing in an earlier thread. Take 500-1000 mg every 2 hours until you get diarrhea. Then back up 500 mg and this is your dose. I currently take 10 gm of this substance.

    6) Vitamin B complex- Again, this is an important supplement to repair endocrine function after opiate addiction.

    That is all I take. Well, that and adrenal adaptogenic herbs. Hope this helps.

    Today I went up a little on the dose from yesterday. I was feeling exhausted and a little fried tonight. My daughters have friends here this weekend and it is stressing me out to be cooking, cleaning, and keeping up with all these extra people. Throw in that we had to get the condo ready and I just had a ton of shit to do. So I took an extra teaspoon tonight. It made me feel better. So today my dose was 6.25 tsp...still down a tsp from the past week. I will hold here until I feel stable. My doses were spaced about 7 hours apart.

    Hope you all are doing well and kicking opiate ass my dear friends! Still working towards the 5%. :)


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    Please note: never abruptly stop taking high dose Vit C as your body will respond as if you have scurvy and get very sick. Just taper down over two weeks.

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    Day 38 Kratom Taper

    I can't believe I have been posting here at DF for over a month. That notion makes me happy (because I love you guys) and yet sad because here I sit STILL on kratom. Yes, I know my plan was to slowly taper and I am doing it but I look at others (like Smith) and I wish I was there, ya know? I just want the worst of the physical withdrawals to be over so I only have to fight the monster in my head.

    This morning I thought "you could take a little extra kratom and potentiate it. This would make this difficult work day easier." I wanted to beat my own ass just for having the thought! I mean honestly this whole process is such a mind fuck. And for someone with control issues it is a really, really bad mind fuck. I hate this.

    Anyhow, I took my 1.75 tsp and did not add helper drugs. I am dreading practice today as I am on my own in 2 facilities on a holiday weekend when every person and their brother over ate on Turkey Day and then woke up Friday morning with their heart attack. Holidays suck.

    I will check in later. Would sure appreciate positive vibes and prayers today.



  1. smith9666

    Goodmorning! We are probably the only 2 crazy people awake at 4am getting ready for work. :(

    I can't really say that I understand your frustration as far as tapering goes because I took the "easy" way out and did not go that route. With that being said, I'm not sure it was the right way to go. Its easy to say that everything is okay but its a lot harder to be honest and admit that there are challenges each and everyday. When I look at it I can't help but feel that you are truely in a better place then I am mentally. I'm great at hiding how I feel and even better at faking a smile LOL. Im sure you know all about that. I'm so good at it that I've actually had to change therapists about 3 times before I finally found one that could get me to open up. Therapy is a something I never thought I would do but there was an incident that brought this option to me. I accepted and I think it's worked out great. It seems easier for me to open up to complete strangers then to anyone that im close to.

    Anyways, I just think that you underestimate how far you have came and how good you are really doing. I can see the benefits of SLOWLY (LOL) tapering in perspective to working on the reason for needing the drugs in the first place.

    You are doing great! :)
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