Quitting Oxycodone with Loperamide- My story begins... - Part 113

By Jungledog · Nov 29, 2014 · ·
  1. Mid Day Day 38

    Smith, yes I want this bad. I just get so damned tired to pushing through the overwhelming fatigue but I want this so I keep pushing. Today I took my first dose at 6 am. I wake up tired but not so much in hard withdraw anymore. Not sure why this is but know my tolerance is dropping. It is now a little after 2 and I just got back from a 4 mile walk that I forced my way through. I feel heavy and really tired but I am not sick so I will just hang out and see how long I can go between doses. The longer the span, the further my tolerance fails.

    I may actually lay down and see if I can nap. Work was not as bad as expected. Only saw 30 patients; 6 new chest pain consults; none real. I discharged them all. Hopefully tomorrow will be as nice as today!

    It is beautiful here . 73!!! And sunny! Getting ready to watch football. Bye till later. JD


  1. lostlygirl
    I am going to chime in here and say I don't think there is an EASY WAY out of this. All ways are paved with physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental anguish.

    I also do not believe there is a better or worse way to detox, just different ways. (American culture compares by vertical value rather than horizontal value, meaning that one has a bigger house or smaller house vs a different house/job/car/clothes/detox/life) What's better, cold turkey or tapering? Neither, they both SUCK.

    Lets say there are 3 people at a cliff, and all of them need to get to the bottom of the cliff and then up the next mountain. One jumps, one climbs down at a steady pace, and one inches their way down.

    The one that jumps gets there first, but lands in a bit of a mess with a few broken bones. The second one gets to the bottom several weeks later intact, but out of breath. The third gets there several weeks after the 2nd but is intact and in fairly good health. By the time the 3rd person reaches the bottom, the other two are still there. The first is healed from his injury's and the second is no longer out of breath and is rested.

    I am sure everyone realizes the point of the story. 3 different ways that end up taking the same amount of time. Cold turkey often shocks the body which still needs to heal and recover from years of drug use, and is experienced as extended PAWS. Tapering at a steady rate also requires the body to adjust and heal, and has at the end a shorter period of PAWS, and the slow taper has a more comfortable experience but takes time.

    My point? All ways tend to take the exact same amount of time..... How long? The amount of time it takes a body to heal from a traumatic event. Why? Because in all 3 cases that's exactly what the body is doing, healing. What is the best way? They are all about the same, it just depends on the individual and their situation and personality. Do they all suck? YES!

    However, its also far more important to note that in all 3 cases they find themselves in the exact same location, at the bottom of the cliff. Many people do not realize that's where withdrawals end, at the bottom of the fucking cliff.

    Many people think that after detoxing that they will end up in a place of sunshine and happiness, shitting rainbows and unicorn's on a road paved with gold. When in reality they are at the bottom of a very steep, dark cliff and the only way out is up. Many people relapse here, because it's just so very different than imagined. The real work is in climbing the hill and dealing with all the issues that caused, as well as surround the use itself. It is sharp, painful, difficult, time consuming, seemingly never ending, and exhausting beyond reason.

    However once there, as many people can attest to, the view is spectacular!

    Hugs, xxoo

    lostlygirl added 4 Minutes and 15 Seconds later...

    JD, do you think your body may be reacting to eating thanksgiving dinner? We have a beautiful day here as well, but I don't believe it's in the 70's. Ohhh...I am definatly moving when my youngest graduates. :)

    Hugs, and enjoy the footy! xxoo
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