Quitting Oxycodone with Loperamide- My story begins... - Part 119

By Jungledog · Dec 2, 2014 · ·
  1. Day 40

    I was tired last night so I did not do my wrap up. I ended up taking about 4.5 tsp yesterday. Not as good as the day before but the lack of sleep killed me. Anyhow, last night I slept 8 solid hours and am feeling a ton better. Went 12 hours last night between doses and will try to go as long during the day.

    LG, you will have fun going back to work! Very impressed with how successful you have been with designs. That is very cool. I have to start thinking about the tattoo.

    Mel, how are you feeling today love? Hopefully better!

    Smith, I am really proud of you! Sharing this stuff is hard. Also glad to hear the yoga helped! I love these poses. Yoga has helped me heal from this. PTSD stuff.

    I have to get to work. I promise to stop in and check on you all. I will post something on nutrition tonight.

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    Mid Day on Day 40

    Well, I have been busting my ass working all day. The end of a semester really, truly sucks. I find myself doing the mad dash to wrap up my existing courses while simultaneously rushing to prepare for January courses. Throw in the holidays and this is by far the WORST month of the year. Yeah, I know I am scrooge McDuck. Fuck the holidays.

    My taper is going. I find myself with too much stress to stretch the dosing interval. I make it about 8 hours and then my energy vanishes and I just have way too much to do to be exhausted. I have held my adrenal herbs for the last week. You need to take breaks from herbs as the body builds a tolerance. So I will take 10 days off and then resume. I am hopeful this will help me when I try to jump. I am still planning on stopping my kratom the day after Christmas. I will get happily through the holiday and then I have 2 weeks to just suffer through the worst of it. I know this could trigger AI but if I don't take the window I will be stuck on this crap until May. I need to reduce the dose tomorrow. I will drop to 1.5 tsp. I will drop every 5 days or so. I hope to be down to like 1/4 tsp when I jump. From what I have read tapering really does break the fall for most people with kratom. At that point I will be off oxy 3 months, loperamide for 6 weeks, and just have the kratom to resolve. I still think I will get sick but that's life.

    I wanted to share something. I did some reading and there is quite a lot of literature out there that suggests restorative yoga can really help PTSD. Google "yoga poses and PTSD" and read. There are many of us here who have suffered some pretty nasty traumatic shit. Medications help some, therapy helps some but yoga is something WE can do to help ourselves. Check it out. You will be very glad you did.

    I will try to post nutrition stuff tonight. I have to get at a syllabus first. Hugs!!

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    End of Day 40

    Thought I would finally get around to sharing why I don't eat much dairy. The occasional exception to this rule is organic, unsweetened full-fat yogurt. preferably raw. Why full fat? Fat is needed to allow the fat-soluble Vitamins A & D in the milk to be absorbed and this then helps the body absorb the calcium in the milk. So consumption of low fat dairy products will lead to the calcium being dumped into the soft tissue (where it causes all kinds of freaking problems) instead of the bones. But that isn't the greatest issue.

    In the United States milk is homogenized and pasteurized to make it "safe." This is bullshit. It is processed in this way because it makes the dairy industry rich as this gives it a long shelf life. Raw milk is full of healthy enzymes. Let me share an excerpt from the journal Atherosclerosis (1989; 77:251-256):

    Homogenized cow's milk transforms healthy butterfat into microscopic spheres of fat containing xanthine oxidase (XO) which is one of the most powerful digestive enzymes there is. The spheres are small enough to pass intact right through the stomach and intestines walls without first being digested. Thus this extremely powerful protein knife, XO, floats throughout the body in the blood and lymph systems. When the XO breaks free from its fat envelope, it attacks the inner wall of whatever vessel it is in. This creates a wound. The wound triggers the arrival of patching plaster too seal off that wound. The patching plaster is cholesterol. Hardening of the arteries, heart disease, chest pain, heart attack is the result.

    Are you beginning to see why cardiologists nationwide are now recommending vegan diets? This shit was published in 1989!!!! How come nobody knows about it??? Again, the answer is money. Start reading people and know what is in all this processed shit these companies are selling us.

    Milk in its raw state is a healthy food. Goat milk is even better as it has smaller fat molecules that are easy to digest and do not promote the production of mucus as cow milk does. Yogurt or kefir contain bacteria that have essentially predigested the milk proteins making it easier for the body to digest. Plus the bacteria in the yogurt promotes gut colonization which protects us from disease. Choose unsweetened organic yogurt. Add stevia if you like it sweet. Stevia is a herb that is 100 times sweeter than sugar but does not raise blood sugar levels. Do NOT use aspartame or splenda; both are chemicals with thousands of complaints against the companies who created them for a whole host of medical problems they create.

    I eat a primarily whole food, unprocessed diet. This includes avoiding foods that have been homogenized. This is not difficult. I simply go to the local farmer's market and buy real whole food! We eat lots of potatoes, yams, squash (tons of different types), broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms, carrots, beets, peppers, brussel sprouts, cabbage, and all types of fruits. We serve the veggies over rice (brown, red, black, jasmine), millet or quinoa. Occasionally we have pasta with marinara sauce. We make veggie tacos, wraps, fajitas, casseroles, stews, and soups. We also eat lots of raw nuts that I coat with fun toppings and toss in our dehydrator (which makes them taste awesome but preserves their enzymes). For breakfast, we have steel cut oatmeal or oat groats (if I can find them) or organic eggs. The diet is diverse and varied and never gets old.

    OK. Back to the kratom taper. I did 3 doses; kept the total to 4.5 tsps. Really feel fine. Did not exercise today. Need to get up early tomorrow and get my butt out the door to walk before work. Hope you are all well and kicking opiate ass!


  1. lostlygirl
    Hi lovely, I am absolutely exausted tonight from 2 nights of lousy sleep....I keep falling asleep as I am posting, but I have to say just one thing....


    That's the definition of insanity right there :). Was it with the college (perhaps discussing the pro's and con's of meetings that last longer than an actual class?) or with your clinical job?

    The taper sounds like a good idea before dropping off the day after Christmas. Are you planning on saving your AI herbs until then so they can hopefully counteract any possible AI flare up's?

    What are you planning on doing for pain management?

    You have a very kind soul, my friend.

    Hugs, xxoo
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