Quitting Oxycodone with Loperamide- My story begins... - Part 12

By Jungledog · Oct 27, 2014 · ·
  1. Nefret,

    Yes. I have seen your thread and I feel your pain. I have cut hard the past few days and plan to continue to do so. I have realized it will probably be best to get off the loperamide and jump to kratom and gabapentin. I tried to do that straight off the oxy but it did not hold me. I just cannot be out of work so have to find a slow way to get off but realize I need to get off the loperamide quickly. I have not noticed any vision issues yet.

    As for yoga, try a position called "legs up the wall." Put your legs literally straight up a wall. Your butt should be on a pillow and be slid as close to the wall as possible. Raise your hands back behind your head and rest on floor. Close your eyes, listen to soft music, and hold for 12-15 minutes. I will post more later but this is most important one. Hope this helps.

    Journal Day 4

    Well it is 4 am. Woke with achiness, runny nose, and all over shit feeling. Just took 15 loperamide pills, 2 tsp of kratom, and gabapentin. Have to get up in 3 hours for work. Thinking I am not going to get back to sleep. So my insomnia has begun. Hate this the most. Why do we each have that one symptom that makes us nuts??

    I have gone from 200 mg of oxy to 100 of loperamide and down now to 30 mg loperamide in 1 month. I plan to just keep pushing. I am ok with using the kratom. Trying not to take on a schedule and really wait until I feel like poo before I take it. Yep, feeling like shit but dwelling on that will get me nowhere.

    Kratom kicking in. Going to try to get a little more sleep. Have a great morning DF!! And Nefret thanks for stopping by to join my recovery party! :)

    Jungledog added 102 Minutes and 37 Seconds later...

    Well, I could not fall back to sleep. So now second day of starting at 4am. Damn. :( It is going to be a busy day. Have a crap ton of work to do and a big 3 hour meeting at 10 am. Oh well.

    Thinking it might be best to change the time I take my loperamide. I was taking it in the morning but then made the mistake of taking it at 4am because I woke feeling BAD. Now my body wakes at this time. Tonight, I will move the time back to 11pm. Perhaps this will improve my sleep. I can handle the shittiness during the day but lack of sleep gets me every time. Big trigger for me. Today I am going to get some valerian root and I need to figure out where to get good kava. I also was busy watching the Walking Dead last night and didn't do my bedtime yoga.

    My pain is surprisingly mild. Its there but it always will be and I need to manage it without these evil pills. I think the diet and exercise are helping me in some way. Oh and I am down another pound! Woo hoo!!! It would be awesome to get back into my clothes. I have gained so much weight on opiates.

    I am going to finish up my coffee and get back ready for work. I will check back in tonight with an update. Keep fighting folks. Remember the self care...especially eat good, whole foods!



  1. Hydroxyout
    Hey JD. Just stopping by to check on you.
    I think moving your dose is an ok idea since it will possibly allow you to sleep well. The only problem is that then your body and your brain get accustomed to having the dose at night which for some people has made sleep after kicking even worse.

    I'm at home this whole week which means nothing with three kids. I have a buttload of things to do around the house.

    Stay tough. Hope your meeting goes well! Hugs.
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