Quitting Oxycodone with Loperamide- My story begins... - Part 127

By Jungledog · Dec 4, 2014 · ·
  1. LG,

    Yes, you can buy curcumin online.

    As for your kratom questions:

    Is it something that will make me more tired or give me energy?

    Bali makes me feel relaxed and can make me tired. Maenga da or Green Malay are stimulating.

    If it gives energy, is it a jittery type of energy like caffeine, or more mild?

    The Maenga da to me is like a strong cup of coffee.

    Does it help concentration?

    Yes, the stimulating strains do and some people use them to help treat ADHD.

    Does it have any health risks associated with use?

    Well, it addicting just like opiates so withdraw is an issue. It causes constipation and can worsen anxiety for some. Taken long term and at high doses some believe it can cause darkening of the skin and aggression. If you take too much, you will vomit and get wicked dizzy. Used wisely...I think it is quite safe. Safer than high dose oxy and Fentanyl in my humble opinion.

    Glad to hear withdraw is mild.

    I sure hope I am feeling better 16 days after I jump. I will have 7 days off from work and then will have to drag my sorry ass back. :(


  1. smith9666

    I'm sure it won't take you that long. I believe the WD symptoms really decreased at day 9 for me. That's when I stopped taking the xanax for sleeping. I think around day 12 is when I starting feeling anxious when trying to sleep. Lasted for a little while but its getting a lot better. I just keep reminding myself that It's mainly mental from here on out and try to remember how day 5 felt and then I tend to feel better haha
  2. Werecat
    Hi JD (and others).

    I enjoy reading your work stories (the hospital ones). I remember when I was sick. I won't say what I had here but it was bad. I was in a ward that dealt with major problems. The medical staff were very busy and very stressed (they had great senses of humor though, many of them. I think they had to). Kudos to you guys and the stresses you go through. I wish I could thank them.

    Keep on keeping on.
  3. Golddust Woman
    Hi JungleDog,

    My oh my, I just don't know how you do it all. Preparing for a class like that has got to be stressful. I worry about you, but you know what you are doing.

    You are so close to the end now. I know you don't want to feel sick and exhausted after you jump, and who knows, maybe you will feel a lot better. After all the good you have done in this world, and are still doing while tapering off, I can only believe that things will be so much better soon. You Deserve It.

    Hang in there my friend.

    Oh yes, thanks for the sympathy about my ex. Yeah it sucks and thank you too LG. It is a mind fuck. I wondered what other people would think about this. So I am not crazy to be feeling betrayed. Lol.
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