Quitting Oxycodone with Loperamide- My story begins... - Part 129

By Jungledog · Dec 5, 2014 · ·
  1. Mid Day on Day 44

    Well, my life just got more complicated. Went to see my pain doctor and he reviewed an MRI of my neck that was done a few weeks ago. My pain has really sucked, particularly the burning down the back of my arm. I have worsening of impingement on basically all levels (gotta love aging) and my facet joints are fucked up. So he is referring me back to a surgeon for eval and to anesthesiology for facet injections. He wants me to start Gralis which is this new super version of gabapentin and bumped the dose to 1800 mg. Then gave me a script for oxycodone 30's and a speech about how fucked up my neck and arm are and how it is permanent and a gentle lecture on acceptance. I wanted to cry.

    So for those of you with severe chronic pain how do you handle this whole opiate thing. I mean it is catch-22; fucked if I do and fucked if I don't. My doctor knows me. He sees me in practice. He reminded me that taken correctly, I am not impaired (due to tolerance) and that I deserve to have my pain treated. I think at this point I could take them as prescribed but what if I fuck up??? And what happens if I do need surgery??

    LG, yeah the school drama bites. I just need a break and I am not going to get one. I got your message and perhaps this weekend I will take you up on it. How are you feeling? I mean other than muddle brain?


  1. Werecat
    Ouch JD, that really sucks. I'm sorry to hear that. I don't know, maybe just take them when the pain gets really, really bad? It's something I plan to do eventually when I'm better but if my pain flares up.

    Maybe record when you take a pill, like you're monitoring yourself.

    Don't give up though.
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