Quitting Oxycodone with Loperamide- My story begins... - Part 138

By Jungledog · Dec 9, 2014 · ·
  1. Hello all!

    Mel & LG,

    Yes, I am doing OK. I have some nausea and fatigue but that seems to be it. Maybe a little muscle pain but it is mild. The Gralise is still making me mighty dizzy and sleepy. I don't like the sensation and it will be hard to deal with on practice days. Had to go to campus today to deal with some shit and I asked my hubby to take me there...he drove as I don't feel safe to drive. I mean there is essentially no detox but hell I have been going through kinda crappy detox almost everyday for 2.5 months so it is about time I get a break but the dizzy stuff is aggravating. Hopefully my body will adjust. Tomorrow I am going to drop the dose down to 1200 mg and see if that helps.

    Hope you girls are doing well yourselves. This whole opiate journey is long and difficult. The rose parade is coming though...it is coming!!!

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    Day 47

    Well I survived day 2 off the opiate train. Feeling super tired, dizzy, nauseated, achy and did I mention SLEEPY???? Shit. I keep fucking falling asleep which is a real damned problem when you have a whole damned graduate course to develop in less than 30 days. Ugh. On the other hand, I am NOT nearly shitting myself with horrific, burning, explosive diarrhea, vomiting repeatedly and violently (yeah, I remember trying to gage which end of my body needed to be in the toilet the most for that minute in time), shaking with cold sweats while simultaneously sweating buckets of hot, toxic, wet funk (and not having the energy to change my smelly, stinky bedding...hell I could barely crawl from the shower still soaking wet back to my nasty, also wet, bed), pacing endlessly with near suicidal levels of extreme anxiety, sobbing with sadness, fear, despair and hopelessness, rubbing my achy, painful, throbbing legs, moaning in frustration over the endless hours of restlessness my poor extremities endured, and surviving SEVEN straight days of sleeplessness and wondering if I was actually going to die from opiate withdrawal. Yeah...I can deal with sleepy!!! LOL.

    I find that getting through the past 10 weeks or so has been made easier by keeping perspective. When you start to whine or feel sorry for yourself...think about how you feel relative to how bad things could really be. I mean...tapering is easier than cold turkey in the level of symptoms. But if you are doing cold turkey remind yourself that cold turkey is easier than the seemingly endless LENGTH of tapering. LOL! Just find the good in YOUR path!!! Find the positives. Keep perspective and just keep fucking moving. Simply do it and believe in yourself and your plan. There is a way out and you are doing it...you ARE getting where you need to go just the way YOU need to. There is no right, no wrong...just the path you are on that leads to your sobriety and success. Listen to JD please, just listen my friends. If I can do this shit, then every single one of you can do this too!!!! EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU!!! Everyone active on this site and everyone just reading my thread in the hopes of finding the "hidden clues" to overcoming this fucking nightmare. There IS a detox secret. The secret is to just do it. Pick your plan, get your head straight, believe in yourself, and JUST DO IT!!! Push yourself. Get a journal, bitch, moan, slap the hag, whine, bitch some more, moan again, slap the fucking hag again and DO IT!!!! Honest people. You can do this. If JD can do this...so can you. I will be here to cheer you every step of the way...I promise.

    Love to you...much, much love. :)


  1. BeachWalk
    ^Jungledog you are an inspiration beyond words. I have read every single one of your journal entries (the majority in one sitting) and subscribed to this forum just to tell you how much help you are giving to so many. You've done it with honesty, humor and generosity. Any patient who has the good fortune to see you will be hugely rewarded. There should be more in the medical community like you. I wish I had the medical support now while going through my journey, but thankfully I stumbled across your journal and am feeling better prepared to embark on my second withdrawal from oxycodone. Thank you. And congratulations on getting off the drugs. SO impressive.
  2. Werecat
    Hi JD, I'm glad to see you're doing well and your new meds are working (I tried that kind of stuff once and it just sucked for me, made me zombie like and didn't help with my pain any).

    *hugs* to you. Keep going!

    Also you reminded me, I forgot to get almonds today. I put them in my smoothies, but wow, they are expensive.

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    Good luck Beachwalk, welcome to DF (maybe you should start your own journal?). I also joined after seeing JD's posts (and some others).
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