Quitting Oxycodone with Loperamide- My story begins... - Part 15

By Jungledog · Oct 28, 2014 · ·
  1. Thanks you are right. One thing at a time. I guess I just wanted to slowly taper but then got scared I would be stuck on the loperamide and so tapered hard. As this really has been a smooth process so far, I should not complain. I mean seriously during cold turkey I prayed to die. I can still clearly remember puking, shitting, and writhing in pain for 4 days straight then followed by nearly 60 days of nausea, complete and utter lack of energy (like I felt like too tired to walk to the kitchen), no appetite and horrific insomnia. Good part? I lost 17 pounds.

    Ok. That puts things in perspective. I am fine. I am kicking loperamide's ass. Then I will worry about kratom. I did though bide Ianzombie's advice. I went as long as I could between doses...made it 8 hours. Tomorrow I will try taking just 1.5 tsp and see if it holds me.

    Thanks again for your support. How you doing? Head still foggy? Or feeling better! So proud of you, :) Jungle

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    Ok this is how brain dead I am! Today was day 5!!!! :eek:


  1. Nefret
    Hi Jungle,
    Thanks for giving me that pose. Really appreciated your time in writing it out! I will try it tonight when my mother goes to sleep. She has Alzeimers and dementia, and I take care of her 24/7. So when she's sleeping I can then relax (or at least try to) and do Yoga.

    I too can't go without at least 7 or 8 hours of sleep either. My head is just so garbled up and anxiety is hightened and its a trigger for me as well.

    I can't taper too quickly or jump from my 15 Imodium either as I need to work too, which is taking care of my mother which can be really difficult at times, due to her illness and she counts on me for almost every thing. Mind you I should have taper much more quickly. But That is another story.

    So I can relate with you on several different levels and I too can feel your pain :(

    But you are doing fabulously!! Be proud in that!

    All the best!!
  2. Jungledog

    You are so very welcome! Let me know if it works. When I started it took 4 days of consistently holding the poses and then I started to sleep.

    The longer you take a substance the harder it is to come off. Stick to a taper, promise yourself you will only ever go down, and go at YOUR speed. I will be here cheering for you. :)

  3. Hydroxyout
    Evening JD! Congrats on making it through another day. I hope you're able to get some sleep tonight and have a brighter day tomorrow. Stay the path! You're strong and you can do this. I'm always thinking of your progress and can't wait to read updates so keep up the great work.
  4. JonBenetMom
    Jungledog- Im mid taper also, Using kratom for tramadol withdrawal. I quit heroin once years and years ago but stupidly bout 5 years ago I discovered tramadol and the incredible availability without a prescription and now Im 8 weeks into my taper from an enormous daily dose of tramadol. I just wanted to say HI and tell you I'm on your team! Kratom is working and a 1/2 xanex at bedtime. It is very hard at times but just like you and the others- Im ready to get myself back. Ive read Roaddoggy's and Nefrets threads and have stayed away from loperamide so far. I figure when I take my very last tramadol dose sometime in the next week to 10 days- I will use loperamide ONLY if needed for no more than 3 days.

    Im with you. And I'm cheering you on and feeling even more inspired to get my life back by reading your honesty and candid writings. :) :) Hope you have great sleep and an awesome day tomorrow!!
  5. Nefret
    Thanks for your encouragement regarding the slow taper. For sure I will do this as I am afraid of going too quickly and not letting my body catch up. My hypothesis is that if I do it slow and steady, allowing my body to catch up, then in the end my body will be Ok with no Loperamide and I won't have diarreah for days and weeks.

    I so agree with . Hydroxyout, don't think about what other things you would like to quit. It is really counter productive. Keep your head in air tight today compartments. Thinking out the past and the mistakes you might have made, you can't change a thing today. What mountains you want to climb in the future, leaves you feeling quite overwhelmed. Do the best you can today and be happy with it. You really have done a brilliant job thus far!

    Take care
    And haven't had a chance to do that Yoga pose but will definately make time tonight and I will let you know how it goes.

    Have you tried melatonin for sleep?
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