Quitting Oxycodone with Loperamide- My story begins... - Part 150

By Jungledog · Dec 18, 2014 · ·
  1. Mel,

    I have been loving your posted songs on the inspiration thread. Somehow music makes this all better. Thanks for your continued support. My marriage is both good and bad. I love him I just get super frustrated when I feel like his mother instead of his wife. The kids, especially little one, need a stable home. My older daughters understand. They see their father's behaviour and understand my frustration. Its complicated but isn't much of life?

    I am very proud of your clean time. You are accomplishing it!!! Yes pain sucks, really sucks. I am realizing I am in a tough spot. I probably do need narcotics from time to time. I think for now I will try to manage with kratom when it gets ugly.

    I have a song I want to post and will do so tonight. Too hard to do from my phone. Love to you.

    Jungledog added 357 Minutes and 21 Seconds later...

    Survived another day at practice. It was actually a decent day...we sometimes slow down that week before Christmas as people get ready for the holidays. We always pick right up the day after Christmas for a few days and then census goes back down until after New Years. I work Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve, and New Years Day. So here is hoping it gets and stays slow. Rounding on the holidays is depressing.

    I chuckled when I read Mono's suggestion that I open my own detox. Actually think it is a great idea for a business. Most detox centers are grossly over-priced. So what do I see at JD's Detox Nirvana?

    I pick more of a bed & breakfast type place for my detox center...preferably on my beach.

    Medical treatments? I would load everyone up on Gabapentin, clonidine, and low dose kratom (only for 4-5 days for the kratom). No benzos...not a big fan of those other than perhaps temazepam at bedtime. I would administer banana bags each day IV (this is IV fluid with vitamins in it that is colored bright yellow...hence the creative name.) Part of the reason people feel so damned shitty in detox is the dehydration. Ibuprofen or Mobic for the muscle aches and hot therapeutic baths, preferably with a jetted tub. Hot baths can be followed by cold plunge baths which remove toxins faster. We would also use a dry sauna daily for the same reason.

    Activities? We would do restorative yoga to soft music, eat good whole food diets, sip amazing fresh juices, get acupuncture and massages. We would have really cool NA type meetings where we would rock to the music currently located on our inspiration thread. We would have a screening room to watch music videos and movie marathons. We would have daily walks and longer hikes when you are starting to feel better. We would have a comedian well versed in opiate addiction come and make us fucking laugh about this shit. We would sit on the beach at night, watch the stars, listen to the waves, roast marsh mellows by the fire and discuss our hopes and fears about our sober lives.

    Services? 5 star quality hotel room service...including changing your damned sheets of that funky, detox sweat odor EVERY time you asked (for me this would be like hourly...LOL). I will hire attendants to wipe your brow, bring you ice, rub your feet, and any damned thing you think would make you feel briefly better just like doulas do for laboring women (we could call them detox doulas!!!) Of course, there will be room service bringing you soup, juice, tea, and stat extra gabapentin. :)

    Did I leave anything out folks??? What should be at this detox center of ours? Maybe we could actually get this off the ground. LG and I could write a grant. Have to figure out the rules of dispensing for these centers. Might have to hire a pharmacist and the doulas and a cook...oh and housekeepers but that would be about it!!!

    Love ya all.


  1. BeachWalk
    SIGN ME UP STAT!! Thank you for making me laugh JD. What a fantastic idea. :applause: I'm just going to pack a few things after the holidays and will jump in my car and head south. I could be there in time for hand holding around the beach bonfire while singing kumbayah and eating s'mores.

    You know what, your place would be hands down the best detox ever. You know exactly what you're doing medically speaking AND you have the experience w/opiates to boot. My own pain Dr won't even give me gabapentin after I told him I wanted to go off oxy. I guess it's easier to dispense narcotics than to provide proper relief when going off them.

    You go girl. Don't forget the drum circle. And I'm really going to need massive amounts of chocolate.
    I can just see it now...JAYDEE'S DETOX BY THE SEA. :vibes:
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