Quitting Oxycodone with Loperamide- My story begins... - Part 158

By Jungledog · Dec 22, 2014 · ·
  1. Good morning all!

    Had a really long discussion with my husband last night that was long overdue. I said things that needed to be said. I told him how I have really been feeling without holding back. That when he gave up and thrust the financial weight of our family on me, he frightened me and left me feeling unloved and uncared about. Right or wrong women need to feel that their men will support them. His failure to step up hurt me deeply and left me numb and afraid. He apologized for the very first time. I needed to hear that.

    I moved taking my Cymbalta to nighttime. I slept well and woke today feeling rested for the first time in a very, very long time. I really already am feeling this black mood lift!!! Gotta love SNRIs. They work really well and. Bit quicker than SSRIs. I have decided that today I will have him write me for Lexapro but I am going to try the Cymbalta for a month first and see what happens with fatigue. Many people get tired with it but many don't. Actually, the most common side effect is sweats and night sweats which I had last night.

    Off to get my hair done. Love to you all.


  1. Mr Bumble
    hey that's great, I really hope now he knows how you feel he steps his game up, you sound like a good woman so he'd be mad not to.

    Good news that the meds seem to e right for you and working.

    Well chuffed for ya

  2. supermono
    Jungledog, You sound so much better today and thats fantastic. It even gives me a lift too when I read the change in all of us. I am happy you said what was needed to your husband. It can be difficult for us men sometimes. Wishing you peace and serenity. Love you Mono :vibes:
  3. Golddust Woman
    Hi JD,

    Glad you talked to your husband about your feelings. What are mates for if we can't tell them the bad with the good? If your like me, you tend to bottle up your disappointment and just go with the flow, but it always comes back to bite me in terms of physical and emotional health.

    I am glad the Cymbalta is beginning to work and you got a good night's rest. Now, if it can help your pain too, that would be fantastic.

    You never cease to amaze me. You are a real trooper.:D GDW

    Love and Hugs
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  4. Jungledog
    Been stupid busy with holidays. Have to head to hospital. I am doing ok. Feel much better with Cymbalta except for the sweating. I think my pain might be a little less but probably too soon to tell. Hope you are all hanging tough. Love to you.
  5. mota16
    "From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea" - The Cure (wonder what they talking about...)

    every time we do this
    i fall for her
    wave after wave after wave
    it's all for her
    i know this can't be wrong i say
    (and i'll lie to keep her happy)
    as long as i know that you know
    that today i belong
    right here with you
    right here with you...

    and so we watch the sun come up
    from the edge of the deep green sea
    and she listens like her head's on fire
    like she wants to believe in me
    so i try
    put your hands in the sky
    we'll be here forever
    and we'll never say goodbye...

    i've never been so
    colourfully-see-through-head before
    i've never been so
    and all i want is to keep it like this
    you and me alone
    a secret kiss
    and don't go home
    don't go away
    don't let this end
    please stay
    not just for today

    never never never never never let me go she says
    hole me like this for a hundred thousand million days
    but suddenly she slows
    and looks down at my breaking face
    why do you cry? what did i say?
    but it's just rain i smile
    brushing my tears away...

    i wish i could just stop
    i know another moment will break my heart
    too many tears
    too many times
    too many years i've cried over you

    how much more can we use it up?
    drink it dry?
    take this drug?
    looking for something forever gone
    but something
    we will always want?

    why why why are you letting me go? she says
    i feel you pulling back
    i feel you changing shape...
    and just as i'm breaking free
    she hangs herself in front of me
    slips her dress like a flag to the floor
    and hands in the sky
    surrenders it all...

    i whish i could just stop
    i know another moment will break my heart
    too many tears
    too many times
    too many years i've cried for you
    it's always the same
    wake up in the rain
    head in pain
    hung in shame
    a different name
    same old game
    love in vain
    and miles and miles and miles and miles and miles
    away from home again...
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