Quitting Oxycodone with Loperamide- My story begins... - Part 16

By Jungledog · Oct 28, 2014 · ·
  1. Day 6 of Taper

    I did my whole sleep routine in the evening. Last night I added Nyquil, a mix of chamomile and sleepy time tea with honey, and did my yoga. I slept 6 hours. When I woke at 4 aching all over and miserable, I STUMBLED to the bathroom and took 1 tsp of Bali kratom. This allowed me to sleep 2 more hours. I was trying to push off taking my loperamide. So took it at 6:30 which was 26 hours after the last dose and I only took 12 pills. Physically I am beyond tired of waking up sick. I think I have come to hate mornings. One thing on my list of things I am looking forward to when I am clean is to wake up feeling good and refreshed! What are you guys looking forward to?

    So physically feeling tired but again not dying. Today I will continue to take kratom but will try to see if I can get by on lesser dose. Emotionally I am in good place. Sitting here sipping my coffee and just taking my time getting moving. My first meeting isn't until 10am and close by so I do not need to rush. Thankfully. Just trying really hard to be positive and keep my head out of my ass. So far I have had no diarrhea but I have IBS with chronic constipation so this may not be an issue for me!


    How are you doing today on Day 3? I too look forward to reading your threads and progress. It keeps me motivated and brings happiness to my day! Hope you are still kicking ass!


    Welcome to the party! I am glad my writing is helping you. I started this journal just as a way to keep myself honest and to find support. I also hoped to create a journal that supported others and showed them there really is a way out of this hell hole, like Roaddog's thread did for me. Keep rocking your taper! Do you have a thread here?

    We all need to find our way. I saw that bullshit on your thread where that guy told you to just suck up and jump. That isn't helpful. I think he might have meant well but the approach was off. My thoughts are just do your slow taper if it is working just NEVER go up...not even one fucking pill. I know you can do this!

    Ok off to check your threads. Hang tough people. We are in this game together and we have a winning team!


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    Oh and yes I have tried melatonin but it did not seem to work. Will try it again tonight at higher dose. Thanks for suggestion.


  1. Hydroxyout
    Way to get 8 hours of sleep JD! That morning sick, tired feeling is all to familiar I'm sure to all of us. Do you take L-Tyrosine in the am or would that just make you all jittery? I'm real proud of your progress, you're almost at the maximum allowable dose which is great!

    Happy day 6 to you! Keep pushing!

    I'll be checkin in every now and then throughout the day, lots of things to do since family is coming over for my boys' 1st bday.

    Oh and the thing I'm most looking forward to is not having any cravings and starting to focus on other things like cigarettes (need to quit). Also planning to take some classes to further my career which I haven't been able to do while using heavily because my focus was obviously elsewhere.

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