Quitting Oxycodone with Loperamide- My story begins... - Part 165

By Jungledog · Dec 28, 2014 · ·
  1. LG,

    Ok. First off, I would really hope that you would know by now that what I say here would never be to hurt you or anyone else. Again, it comes down to a lack of tone and inflection and perhaps the stress of the holidays (plus maybe the fluctuations of hormones??) that resulted in you taking what I said personally. So let me explain clearly (hopefully) what I meant.

    Opiates as well as chronic stress (from life and pain so it is NOT all opiates) suppress the HPA axis. As a result the adrenal glands start to make less DHEA which is the precursor hormone to sex hormones particularly in females. This results in a fall in testosterone, progesterone, and estrogen. There are several ways to handle this. First, one needs to get off or at least reduce the opiates. Lower dose opiates are actually unlikely to suppress the axis. But things like high dose Fentanyl or my high dose oxycodone certainly do. Second, we need to really reduce stress and supplement high dose Vitamin C which the adrenals use in high doses when functioning poorly. Third, you replete the hormones until the body can make them by itself.

    Hormones can be supplemented topically, orally, by injections or by pellets. The most effective way is pellets as it gives a consistent blood level. Taking them orally or topically results in a rise and fall of the hormone levels. HRT in this country is a HUGE money maker for the pharmaceutical companies. It is grossly over-priced. If I had done Androgel it would have been hundreds of dollars out of pocket for me. The pellet cost $200 and was compounded at a local pharmacy. It lasted for 4 months.

    DHEA repletes all of my hormones for less than a few dollars per month. It works very well in females and saves you money plus is allows your body to begin making its own hormones again. That is what I was trying to say. The reality is many doctors are NOT familiar with DHEA as it is a supplement not a prescription drug and many honestly do not even know it is a less expensive and effective option for patients.

    I also clearly said that MY adrenal cascade is not working properly and although I initially felt better from the testosterone, it didn't last for ME because the rest of my adrenals plus my thyroid aren't working. You are obviously feeling much better with the cream and since it takes a month to really fix things I would expect that you will continue to regain energy each day.

    As for relationship advice, everyone has an opinion and that is fine. That is actually what I was trying to say. I have gotten advice from many here and from my close friends and yes, the advice differs depending on perspective. Yes, I know it is a good thing that people care about me and I appreciate the concern. The reality is my greatest stressor for the past 16 months has not been my husband but my husband's lack of a job!!! It is the financial stress that is slowly killing me. It has been the financial stress that has greatly worsened our marriage situation. Cutting one's income in half creates a fucking nightmare of stress...stress that has been like a ball and chain to our relationship.

    I also can tell by the increase in energy that I have had in the past week (yes, I am still tired but it is getting better) that part of my health struggle is depression. (Which is also from adrenal suppression). As I treat the depression, I expect that I may have a different outlook on many things in my life.

    OK. So please accept my apologies for inadvertently hurting your feelings. I did not mean you were a fool to take HRT. What I meant is I wish doctors were better informed and taught patients about less expensive and effective options (and by the way taking DHEA is not natural..it is no different than taking testosterone both are simply hormones. I am surprised it has not been made prescription yet). I was trying to explain that to you in previous posts and realized today that I had done a poor job explaining it. When you were fighting to get it approved due to the cost, I was simply trying to tell you that for women, DHEA works just as effectively as testosterone without the cost. I meant no disrespect in sharing this knowledge.


  1. lostlygirl
    I take DHEA. I have taken it since Jan of 2014 when I lost my health insurance and couldn't afford estrogen. I switched to it, along with a natural cream form of both estrodial (sp?) and progesterone. Unfortunately my hormone levels (most likely due to the fentanyl) did not recover.

    My latest hormone panel was with DHEA, estrodial (sp?) cream AND EvaMist estrogen spray. My Dr changed me to oral estrogen, and put me on the testosterone. I have had a complete hysterectomy and am slim, therefore and its highly likely my body produces no hormones whatever. Add fentanyl to that and you can see why the supplements do not work. Surprisingly my thyroid is fine, go figure!

    lostlygirl added 11 Minutes and 49 Seconds later...

    Do you recommend doubling the DHEA?
  2. marathonmel7
    Well my hormones are all fucked up. I am just now having a period after being without one for two years. Not a fun thing. It's giving me major cramps, erratic body temperature and overall a miserable feeling. Wish it wouldn't have never come back. But, I guess my body is trying to go back to a homeostatic state so I have to just let it do what it's going to do. My sex drive is out of control too. I am happy it's back but considering I'm single it's just a huge annoyance at this point. Anyways, I just have to let things play out.

    Glad to hear from you JD. It sounds like you've had it quite rough lately and I'm sorry. This shit isn't easy. I was doing so good until today when I had a fucking major breakdown. Just goes to show you that after almost thirty days things are still NOT fixed in your body. This is going to take some time.

    Hang in there JD. I'm here for you. Keep doing what you're doing. Your sober and whether you use kratom or not is irrelevant in my book. You are doing what you have to do just like I had to take suboxone today. It saved me from a relapse and I was able to calm the fuck down along with some xanax and weed. Very tough day indeed.
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