Quitting Oxycodone with Loperamide- My story begins... - Part 177

By Jungledog · Jan 5, 2015 · ·
  1. Thanks all for the support and for making me laugh. The font comments surprised me. I spent more than a hour putting that post together with nutrition information!!! I had no idea font size is an issue especially when it wasn't intentional. Mono, obviously you and I are the same age my friend as old eyes appreciate bigger font!!! Lol No, I knew it was too large but the system would not let me reset it. I picked a smaller font but it came up the same each time. Whatever, moving on. Thanks Kitts!!!

    Smith, yeah I do feel like I am recovering. I feel grand. I am so thankful I waited to make important decisions. My mind is so much clearer. I worked hard to have my family. I want it to stay intact. The Cymbalta has been like magic. When I took Lexapro it was the same way. With both, I really had few side effects and it was all good. I certainly though have had patients develop side effects from these drugs and have had to play around to I find the right drug and dose for them but once we find it, each patient feels much, much better. These drugs work for most. There are people though who swear that psych drugs are poison and refuse to take them. I try to get them to take herbs and do talk therapy. Some do good, some do really shitty. It's complicated. For PTSD though, SSRIs help reduce the sleep issues and nightmares. For me, this is the best part. Good sleep helps me manage the rest of it. Bad sleep really makes me a mess. Everyone is different.

    Beach, I think a slower taper is a grand plan. Kratom really has helped me. For me, it reduces pain with no high. I am careful to keep doses low and not take on a schedule. But even if I get "addicted" to it, it is really pretty easy to just taper and stop (for me). My pain is bad, really bad. I need something to reduce it. I think I will need narcotics too from time to time and feel that with my depression managed I can do this. I am more than aware of the risk but I also know I can't spend my life in pain. Anyhow my point is kratom is a very useful tool for both pain and detox. Something to consider! Glad to hear of the smoothie converts. The nutrition thing can change your life too.

    Off to a meeting! Love to you. Later I will do a post on salads.


  1. BeachWalk
    I wholeheartedly agree that you should not spend your life in pain. I also suffer from chronic pain with acute flareups. Funny you mentioned Kratom -- just ordered some last week - Bali - and awaiting delivery. I don't know what the heck to do with it once I get it but thought I'd figure that out when it arrived. How about a Kratom smoothie?

    Can I request some salad dressing recipes included in your salad post? I want to whip something healthy up in my Nutribullet and like olive oil, red wine vinagrette and mustard to name a few ingredients.

    Kudos on treating depression. Yes I believe it is at the heart of many who use opiates, alcohol, etc. We try to self medicate until we hopefully realize that depression needs to be treated as well.

    There's an interesting movie coming out called "Cake" w/Jennifer Aniston -- she is a chronic pain sufferer. I am looking forward to seeing it.
  2. marathonmel7
    Day 34 drug free but had to resort to narcotics today. My back is fucked. Had to take two hydrocodone and am already starting to feel the relief. I don't get ANY BUZZ from pills. I did what I had to do today to function. I have to start my new job today and I have to be able to carry about the tasks required. If I had time I'd go to the ER for an injection. Don't have time though. I never take pain killers so this is a first. I know you understand JD.

    I hope you have an awesome day. My night was traumatic. You can read about it in my thread. I will spare your thread the details. Hope you keep progressing my friend. You're doing amazing. Love to you.
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