Quitting Oxycodone with Loperamide- My story begins... - Part 179

By Jungledog · Jan 6, 2015 · ·
  1. Beach,

    When you jump off, just play it by ear with the kratom. Use the least amount necessary to make the withdrawal comfortable. I was on a much higher dose of oxycodone plus had been using loperamide so I needed quite a bit. When I used it to maintain, I had to use like 4-5 tsps. a few times daily. When I used it just to hold me well enough to work, I used 2 tsps. and then tapered down. Now, I find that 1 to 1.5 tsps. helps quite well to take the edge off my pain. You are suppose to measure it on a scale in grams but I found that to be a pain in the ass. I just measure it carefully with cooking measuring spoons ensuring that they are level. More is not necessarily better...I learned the hard way more can mean dizzy and puking. Start low and go slow. I also learned to NEVER re-dose before the 4 hour mark for the same reason. The plant doesn't work like oxycodone.

    A few other pointers. 1) I found toss and wash the quickest and easiest way to dose. I just tossed it in and washed it down with water. Followed that with a quick brushing of my teeth or a stick of gum or a mint. It tastes like shit in my opinion only of course. 2) It can make me nauseated. For that reason, I occasionally take it with Benadryl. For whatever reason, this can potentiate it though and can give it an opiate like feel. This is not helpful when one is trying to get clean...just a heads up. 3) Caffeine also potentiates it for me and makes it last longer and better for pain relief but no high. 4) I find Bali helps to relax me better. 5) Maeng da is more stimulating and for me works the best for pain...this is very individual and you will have to try different strains to see what helps with your pain.

    Good luck with your taper. Take your time. When you are ready and supported, things go so much better. It has been awesome to be part of this group here. They have changed my life.

    And yes, Gabapentin is the fucking wonder drug.

    Jungledog added 580 Minutes and 45 Seconds later...

    Well, my insurance company approved my Gralise!!! Woo hoo! My pain has been bad but I have been pushing myself to not use the kratom and to make sure my pain isn't hyperalgesia. My depression treatment has really cleared my skewed thoughts but so far the pain remains constant and unchanged in nature which sucks...a lot.

    I have been diligent about my yoga and yesterday I saw my acupunturist. I have been off oxycodone about 3 months. I was hoping the pain would have improved more by now. I hate that the reality is it probably won't. On the upside, the treatment of my depression has made coping with my pain easier. I laughed yesterday...a real laugh. You know the kind where you cry and pee yourself?? It was brief but that laugh momentarily lifted the constant hurt and replaced it with joy. It has been so long since I have felt happiness. Shit it has been forever since I felt anything beyond pain...physical and emotional. At least I got one handled.

    I need to put in a long hard day. I think today I may need some kratom in combo with Gralise and some toradol folks. I am hurting. :(


  1. marathonmel7
    Yep I'm right there with you JD. ANother day of taking hydrocodone. Have to work 7 hours in heels. Can't avoid it. Going to have to see a doc when I can afford to. I am hoping for some gabapentin and some other alternatives to narcotics. But for now, it is what it is. 35 days off of heroin. That's all I care about whether people want to knock me or not. I can't be upright for 7 hours without something today. My back kept me up all night.

    I hope you feel better although I know you won't. Pain is miserable. Wishing you a better day than I will have.

    Keep up the laughing. It is healing. Love to you.
  2. BeachWalk
    JD thanks so much for the kratom info. It incredibly helpful. I know I'm going to need something to aid my pain management once the oxycodone is gone. I'm sorry you're having a rough day. The kratom combo sounds good and necessary. And maybe a piece of dark chocolate? ;)

    I'm on day 3. Literally taking it one day at a time and I haven't even jumped off yet. Hang in there and thanks for being an inspiration.
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