Quitting Oxycodone with Loperamide- My story begins... - Part 184

By Jungledog · Jan 11, 2015 · ·
  1. Yes, the interview was really, really difficult. I want this job and I am thrilled that it has been offered to me. This is a high level university with an amazing depth of staff. It is a place where I can be mentored and grow. I can literally see myself here for 30 years.

    GDW, thanks so much for your support! How are you doing?

    Bumble, yes the 8 hour interview made me think about using. I was so proud of myself for getting through it without being high.

    Cmenot, I love teaching! It is definitely my calling in life. I also love to practice. I think I love them both equally so it is pretty cool that my job allows me to do both. I practice 12 hours a week to keep my certification.

    Smith, The Cymbalta has literally turned my life around. I will be taking this for a very long time. It can be used to treat depression, PTSD, and pain. My pain has been about the same though but I think my mood being more even has made dealing with the pain easier. It's weird but the drug has literally changed my life. I am grateful for it. Only downside is the constipation...I mean WAY worse than opiates ever were!

    Well, I promise to post some nutrition stuff tonight. I need to get some work done today (record a lecture) but I should have time to squeeze in some more smoothie ideas. Love to you all!


  1. BeachWalk
    Hi JD,
    Thanks for the encouraging words and congrats on your marathon interview. You are incredibly high functioning and very strong after all you've been through these past several months. Way to go.

    Well, since last Saturday (a week ago) I have gone from 45mg oxycodone to 20mg. I didn't actually plan the 20mg but I was so tired last night I couldn't keep my eyes open. So that's one way to do it. I do feel confident that I'm making great strides. I am physically wiped out but am catching up on sleep by napping at odd intervals during the day/night.

    Keep up the great work and keep those smoothie recipes coming. I've been experimenting w/my Nutribullet and love it. Instead of stevia I use organic honey. Yum.
  2. lostlygirl
    I wonder if you could put Kratom in a shake? Just a thought.

    Congrats on being offered the job, JD!! Well done!!! I can imagine that you were really hurting after an interview that long. How exhausting.

    I am so glad the Cymbalta is working for you. I was never able to get over the tiredness but I think that was because it was combined with fentanyl. I may try Cymbalta again when I am completely off of fentanyl. I feel the same way about Testosterone. For me it's been a much needed boost in energy and outlook.

    I think there are so many different factors that cause us to abuse drugs. While we very often and wisely look at the emotional reasons we often forget the very basic physical reasons such as low energy and pain. That's what makes addiction so very hard to beat. There are a myriad of reasons that combine continued abuse and each area needs to be individually looked at and addressed to stay clean.

    I am glad you have found something that has worked so well. It really does go back to how individual and unique the body really is.
  3. BeachWalk
    Hi lostlygirl - you could put kratom in a shake I suppose but it would still taste terrible. The leaves are crushed into powder form but don't dissolve. So the pieces would be floating in the shake. My chocolate milk did help make it taste better but I still had to choke it down. Come to think of it, I wonder if my NutriBullet could pulvarize the kratom powder even finer.

    JD - Hope your day is going well. I was in great pain last night so had to increase back up to 25 mg oxycodone after I got down to 20mg in my taper. It's ok. I know I may be tapering too fast. I'm going to add a bigger dose of kratom (1 tsp.) after my wimpy 1/2 tsp. the other day. Additionally felt really nauseous so took a hydroxyzine which helped and also knocked me out.

    BeachWalk added 418 Minutes and 26 Seconds later...

    Okay I experimented by making a Kratom smoothie in my NutriBullet. And it doesn't taste too bad. Used the smaller container - threw in a banana, frozen blueberries, frozen mango, organic plain greek yogurt, a dash of organic honey and 1 tsp of Bali kratom - blend - stir - blend again. I can still taste the kratom but it's not nearly as bad other methods I've tried. I may need to experiment with the kratom dosage. Using this for opiate tapering from oxycodone and pain relief. It definitely takes the edge off withdrawals so far. Cheers~
  4. Werecat
    Hi again, glad you're a bit better and congrats on the job!
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