Quitting Oxycodone with Loperamide- My story begins... - Part 189

By Jungledog · Jan 19, 2015 · ·
  1. Beach,

    I think you might be surprised by how easy it is to just switch from oxycodone to kratom. It will take away the withdrawal and cravings. Of course, you then have to wean/taper the kratom. Or you may find it works to control pain and just keep taking it. I use Benadryl for the nausea but honestly that symptom has mostly lifted with time.

    Maeng da and Green Malay are both stimulating to me. Bali is the relaxing one. I realize that long term kratom could be an issue but so far I still get no high, I don't crave it, and I don't wake in withdraw. Feel like it gave me my life back.

    Jungledog added 1297 Minutes and 17 Seconds later...

    Well, it has been a good day. I spent the whole thing prepping lectures. I am pretty excited about the one I am doing Thursday. Basically I have set it up to divide the class in half and play Family Feud. The PowerPoint has tons of questions and pictures. The students have to guess the right answer (diagnosis or treatment) to earn points for their team. It should be fun. Beats the hell out of me standing there and lecturing while they drool on themselves in boredom.

    Today was a decent pain day too. I just recently took my first kratom dose for the day. I have been taking it fairly regularly so I am a bit surprised that there is no withdraw when I don't take it. I have kept the doses low though. Waking up feeling refreshed is the BEST thing in the world. I used to hate morning because I woke everyday in withdrawal and had to sit there waiting for the oxycodone to kick in before I could move.

    I took a 4 mile walk and am sticking to my diet. I had veggie juice (fresh) for breakfast, a pomegranate for lunch and a salad, and plan baked veggies with brown rice for dinner. I like to do smoothies (obviously) but I also like to juice, especially when I am looking to lose weight. Juice is basically like a smoothie except without all the fiber and fructose. Yes, fiber is good but juice has its place too.

    Veggie juice (fresh squeezed not the shit sold at the grocery store) is nutrient dense and rich in enzymes. Essentially green juice is full of chlorophyll which is plant equivalent to human hemoglobin. It is the life source of the plant...liquid sun so to speak. The energy from green juice is unparalleled. Today my juice contained 4 large stalks of celery, 2 large cucumbers, 10 oz of spinach, 1 head romaine, 1 big green apple, and 3 limes plus a bit of stevia to sweeten. It tastes like limeade. Because it is low in sugar, this juice is a better choice for diabetics or for those looking to lose weight. I find this juice gives me energy for hours without feeling hungry.

    Well, hope you are all doing well. LG, I miss you dear! Hope you are well. I also miss Hydroxyout and wonder how he is doing. Keep kicking opiate ass friends. This whole 5% club thing really is possible. Love to you.


  1. Golddust Woman
    Hi JungleDog,

    Haven't been here much lately. The doctor thing did not work out. How come the doctors I see just want me to go to an inpatient, nonmedicated detox. Oh they will call an ambulance if my vitals go nuts? Wow. What do I need that for? Sorry, just venting.

    I finally ordered some Red Borneo kratom and going to give it a whirl. Just hate to trade one addiction for another. But all things considered, kratom is the least of the two evils. We'll see how this goes.
    Your class sounds like a lot of fun. I know your students think so too. Thanks again for all the support you give to me and so many others. GDW
  2. marathonmel7
    Hey JD, just stopping in to say hello. It's almost 4am here and I am unable to sleep as usual. I am going to find a civilian psychiatrist that will help me out. The VA sucks and the doctors there don't know what they are doing plus they know I am a former heroin addict so they won't give me any of the drugs that work for sleeping for me. I just need my xanax prescription refilled and I will be ok. That helps me sleep and take away my anxiety well. I don't have to use it everyday but usually do.

    You've come a long way and I want you to know how proud I am of you. You've overcome so much and are such an inspiration to others here on the forum. i wish we could meet in real life. You're a gift to so many people, including myself. Thank you for your continuous support of my thread and my situation. It means so much to me. Keep up the good work. You're doing excellent my friend!
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