Quitting Oxycodone with Loperamide- My story begins... - Part 190

By Jungledog · Jan 20, 2015 · ·
  1. Good morning. I got a good nights sleep and am ready to work hard again today. I enjoy prepping for my classes...sad but true. :)

    GDW, I am sorry your doctor wouldn't help you. It's crazy the stigma attached to opiate use. I used to take up to 300 mg of oxycodone DAILY plus morphine. Now I take a few teaspoons of kratom. Did I trade addictions? Probably but to me there is no comparison. On the high dose opiates, I was depressed, had fog brain, and my endocrine system quit working. On kratom, I am happy, my mind is clear (no high), and my hormone levels are stable. Kratom has a ceiling effect so I think it is much easier to control use. I am able to use it responsibly for my pain. I am grateful that it works to reduce my pain. And it is MUCH easier to taper and get off of than opiates (in MY experience...as others have had a tough time).

    Mel, I think going for a second opinion is a wise choice. There are other medications that can help reduce anxiety (without the addiction component). The doctor could give you Xanax but also try other meds. I used to work nights. My sleep has been fucked up ever since. Well, that and I get nightmares. This past month on Cymbalta and clonidine I have been sleeping solid. My husband even commented on it this morning. I slept 10 hours last night...I never did this!

    I too wish I could get to meet you. I feel like we all have this intimate connection over our secret struggles. It is very cool and I could not have done this without your support and the support of others! And I love you for it. :)

    OK, off to work. Have a great day everyone.


  1. missparkles
    "I enjoy prepping for my classes...sad but true." Sad but true...never? I reduced from 150 mls/mgs whilst studying for my access diploma and it made the reduction far easier than it would have been had I just been at at home slobbing out in front of the TV. As far as the kratom use is concerned I'd have to say that the trade off between the kratom and the large amount of oxycodone and morphine that you were taking (for pain) the kratom wins hands down. Legitimate pain should always be treated, regardless of previous addiction, as each condition is completely separate from the other...right? Also severe pain, whilst not being connected to a previous addiction can become a huge relapse trigger, simply due to the link opiates have as a tremendously fast and efficient pain reliever.

    The stigma that is attached to opiate use is completely crazy. You know, I've seen people stood outside of the local pub (they're usually well on their way to being pissed themselves) turn their nose up and make really nasty, derogatory remarks, loud enough to be heard by everyone (including the heroin user) unable to make the connection (or perhaps they're just too bloody ignorant and moronic) between themselves and the state that they themselves are in and an opiate addict. When these bloody thoughtless and unaware people walk home everyone will know that they've been drinking as they'll possibly be walking quite unsteadily and slurring their words. Now if you watched the heroin addict you wouldn't be able to tell that they'd been using by the way they walk and talk, would you?

    I suppose that alcohol, being socially acceptable, makes staggering down the road ok? I just cannot stand people who are only too willing (and happy) to point out the faults of others, being unable, or unwilling, to take a long hard look at themselves. Please don't get me started sweetheart. You've done so well and are an inspiration to others, and the role model that you've become is (in my opinion) the most important and significant attribute that you can pass on to anyone, not just people wishing to quit an addiction.

    So just keep on keeping on, love.

    Sparkles. :vibes:
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