Quitting Oxycodone with Loperamide- My story begins... - Part 191

By Jungledog · Jan 21, 2015 · ·
  1. Thank you Miss Sparkles! You made my day. I have been struggling with myself about the kratom. I knew though that if I did not address the pain that I would be right back on opiates. You are so right about it being a trigger! I do so hope that people reading my thread are motivated to get clean and believe in themselves. And I never thought about alcohol vs opiate use...so true!!!!

    Off to clinic. Check in later! Love to all.


  1. Golddust Woman
    JD, I should not have used the word addicted. More like dependant. I fear kratom will be made illegal, as it already is in Louianna, Indiana, and Tennasee according to a reputable online site. Of course, when the government and Big Pharma are not getting a piece of the action, well history speaks for itself.

    I personally just don't want to be victimized again. I was legally prescribed benzodiazepines and opiates/opioids for 12 years. But now the doctors are in fear for their licenses and I know many who have been cut off cold turkey in the past year. I just don't want to get dependant on kratom for pain relief and then have to go without.

    Kratom, used responsibly, is great.*I guess I will see how it goes when it gets here. GDW
  2. BeachWalk
    It has been 2.5 weeks since I started my oxycodone taper. Down from 45mg to 10mg. The only reason I could jump from 20mg to 10mg recently was due to my exchanging my oxy dosage for kratom (thanks for the tip JD). It's pretty amazing how much it can help alleviate withdrawal symptoms. And no it does not make me have any euphoria whatsoever (unfortunately) but it does curb my pain and desire for oxy. Pretty spectacular.

    JD you are doing what is best for you. Good. We are all doing what we feel is best for us.

    Okay my mind is scattered. Thanks JD for letting me post here. I need to get outside now for a walk before I talk myself out of it. Keep up the good fight everyone.
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