Quitting Oxycodone with Loperamide- My story begins... - Part 196

By Jungledog · Jan 27, 2015 · ·
  1. Good morning all. Sorry I have been missing in action. Work has been busy. I have a meeting this morning but I have a little time to post.

    Hi Roaddog! Haven't seen you in awhile. Sorry the taper sucking. Just push through it.

    Mel, No, I don't really have increased pain with sex as my pain affects mostly my neck and arm. If I position right, its ok. My problem is I still have NO libido. Hoping that will come back eventually. Or I should say my husband is hoping it will! :) If your back pain is so severe that it is affecting simple things in life like sex, you really need to get it fixed. Is there any way it could be covered by a civilian doctor? Your heroin use simply covered the pain and now it is back.

    Girl, loperamide is a tough detox because it has a long half life. Honestly, the easiest way would be to jump to kratom and then taper that. I felt BAD as a I tapered the loperamide and then continued to feel pretty shitty the first month off it. But the tapering of the kratom was really fairly easy. It too gives a withdrawal but for me it wasn't bad as long as you just tapered slowly down. Plus, kratom doesn't cause fatal heart problems.

    I take 4-5 Valerian capsules at night or drink a few cups of tea. I followed what was on the bottle. Valerian is safe though so hard to OD. Magnesium is for the restlessness and for improved sleep. Take magnesium oxide 400-800mg ONLY daily. You can take too much magnesium and this can affect your heart. I am amazed that you read this whole thread!!! But I am super happy that it is helping you and others! :)

    Sparkles, OMG your last comment about the dresser made me spit my coffee all over my screen! ;)

    Things are going OK. See pain management Friday. I need to start thinking about other options. What I don't know but I find myself using the kratom daily now. Still no high which is good but I wonder about long term issues from using it. The gralise isn't working as well. Bad thing about gabapentin is tolerance builds fast. Ugh. I hate this whole pain thing. Feel like I am fucked no matter what I choose.

    Have a great day all. Going to try to catch up on threads, then off to work.


  1. Sleepynurse
    Morning JD,

    I've been thinking about all you guys and gals who deal not only with the emotional pain but also have legitimate physical pain. In a very real way, I am fortunate to not have started my addiction out of a need to help relieve any physical pain but emotional pain and anxiety.

    I'm so sorry for all of you trying not to be in constant pain but also trying to stay clean of opiods!

    Also, JD, you asked what is our favorite part of being clean and so far, it has been being way more present emotionally for my children!

    Also, if you don't mind me asking, how long have you been teaching? I received my bachelors in education, thinking I wanted to be an English teacher. After going into nursing, I thought a lot about how I would love to teach the OB rotation of nursing school one day. So just curious, how long and if you feel satisfaction in education?

    Have a great day at work,


    P.S. Sparkles' comment had me laugh out loud like a maniac, too. I'll make sure to avoid that sex act in the future.
  2. missparkles
    Ok firstly, if you had a healthy libido before you began using then your libido will eventually go back to the way it was, but just remember (as I've said quite often) if you've been using for a while you can't expect everything to snap back to the way it was before you began using, it takes time to acquire a full blown opiate addiction so it figures that it will also take time for your body, mind and emotions, to get back to normal. But that does make sense when you think about it, doesn't it? There's really only one exception to this, and that is if you had issues concerning your sexuality or any abuse issues relating to sex, and lets face it if you were in an abusive or controlling relationship it's highly unlikely that it didn't involve sex too.

    In fact I find it really incredible to even contemplate someone who is physically, mentally and emotionally abusive (or all of the above) suddenly becoming the opposite of everything that they are normally, you know having a complete personality reversal as soon as you both hit the sheets. In fact from my own personal experience and from the work I used to do supporting and guiding other addicts, sex is usually one of the biggest factors in a relationship whose foundations have been built on control, fear, manipulation and pain. Each of these types of abuse or all of the above can be inflicted simultaneously, over a very short time, and all under the guise of something that can be the most intimate act that two people who love each other, can show.

    It's a time when no words need to be spoken, when a look, a glance, can say everything, and a few breathless gasps, a sign of pure bliss that tells your partner that you want this to continue. In an abusive relationship these breathless gasps are in fact a sign that you're extremely distressed, perhaps to the point of sheer terror, and that unlike the above being a sign of pure bliss that you want to continue, yours are a sign of abject abhorrence and dread. Signs that only an abuser would enjoy and get a huge, huge amount of sexual gratification from. I can only advise someone who has had the strength of will to quit using opiates/heroin to seek professional help to enable them to deal with these issues, find alternative accommodation and also get advice from the CAB (Citizens Advice Bureau). Having already proved to yourself that you're not only a success but most importantly you're a survivor. Don't ever allow anyone to take your power, your hard fought for, hard won power.

    Now I appreciate that I've been skating on that very thin line that DF lays down, the one that enables us to know what is, and isn't, allowed. DF just isn't professionally qualified to deal with the initial problem of abuse but also the consequences arising from such a discussion. I'd just like to ask whoever will be moderating this thread to please leave this post as it is as it not only gives an example of a topic that isn't allowed, it also explains why it's not allowed. But mainly it does answer the question about lack of libido, when it will possibly return, and the only example I could think of when the libido won't return, and I also explained why, which I thought was extremely important. I also tried cover the topic with taste, dignity and respect. But most importantly I tried to be as honest as possible.

    I apologise for hijacking your thread JD, I didn't start out with that intention, my post just kinda ran away with itself. I would appreciate it if anyone has any problems similar to the ones that I've brought up, which I must stress have not been mentioned by anyone in this thread please please see your doctor/GP or look in the phone book for the number of any support group and of course the CAB. Please don't bring it to this thread as it would be unfair if this thread were edited in any way, or as a last resort, closed.


    Sparkles. :vibes:
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