Quitting Oxycodone with Loperamide- My story begins... - Part 198

By Jungledog · Jan 27, 2015 · ·
  1. Lyrica is stronger and it is a controlled substance. In my state, that means it will be a pain in the ass to fill but I guess I could try it.

    I worked ER for too many years to count. When it comes to sex, I think I have seen and heard it all. I can't tell you how many cardiac arrests came in naked. I guess it is a good way to die. I have seen a whole host of shit shoved up people's butts....shampoo bottles, enormous carrots & cucumbers, a dead gerbil, battery operated sex toys, etc. One doctor asked the patient "Do you need me to remove the dildo sir? or just change the battery?"

    In vaginas, I have found several washcloths, condoms with the wrapper ON, grape jelly (she was instructed to use "jelly" on her diaphragm so she chose grape), quarters, and a whole jar of Vaseline with the lid off. Had one girl try to douche with coke (soda) as she heard it could kill sperm. So she shook the bottle and held it to her labia which then got sucked into the bottle. Had to cut the damn thing off to release the pressure. Had another one with a horrific infection from shoving a bath sponge up there for birth control. And of course I can't even begin to tell you how many tampons get fished out 3 weeks too late because the woman forgot it was there and now has a raging, nasty infection.

    Other fun ones were the couples who got "stuck." There is a condition where the woman's vagina basically spasms and becomes like a vice. They come in on a stretcher with fire rescue with the male fucking howling in pain. Or the males who take too much Viagra and have a 10 hour long erection which sounds fun but isn't. The way to fix that problem is stick a large needle right into the penis to release the blood.

    Yeah, I was NEVER bored working in the ER. :D


  1. girlondrugs
    Wow lol some of this sex talk had me closing my eyes for a bit and idk why! It's not like I haven't heard most of it before.

    Anyway. I would love to taper the Loperamide but I have no money to keep buying anymore. My mom knows about it and she buys me some all the time but she doesn't get paid til Thurs and my logic is if I haven't been using why wait til Thurs to start using again?

    I really do want to buy some kratom though. I forgot to ask which ones were your favorite? And yes I was surpised at myself for reading the whole thread but it became more and more interesting the more I went on.

    Its just so amazing to see the difference between page 3 and page 23. How some of you are off opiates completely. It's admiring, and I hope to be there soon.

    I honestly woke up like 15 min ago. It's 9:42pm here in SC. I just didn't want to get up! I'm glad I didnt have class today. I don't feel too bad. And I attribute that to maybe lopes long half like or constant prayer. I'm leaning towards the latter because even though I know God hears all our prayers, I'm praying that it's just finally my turn. You know?
  2. Jungledog

    I use Bali and Maeng da. I prefer the latter.

    It is cold. Woke up with a headache. Have clinic today and just heard accident on 95 so I am going to be late. Fuck.

    I check in later. Other than what is listed above, everything is peachy. :)

    Have a good day all.
  3. Ellen042
    Hi Jungledog. I used to post here many months ago, but my physical health failed me due to pre-existing dysautonomia and Lyme disease. I wasn't able to sit up and type without passing out. That's why I've been silent.

    I too used loperamide to come off oxycodone; however, as I'm a chronic pain patient, I still need 30mg/ day of hydrocodone to work and raise my kids. Both are essential, as I'm a single mom. I'm also a health professional with a doctorate degree, so an over the counter drug was my only choice for getting off oxycodone.

    So far I congratulate you! You've gone from 50pills/day to 17 pills/day in no time, if I've read your post correctly. It took me a month to get from 12 loperamide pills daily to 1 1/2 per day, then I accepted the hydrocodone prescription.

    I had previously spent 10 years round-the-clock in bed due to chronic pain untreated, and I can't go back to that now that I'm single. What disease or injury has left you in chronic pain? Do you have a back up plan if you go months without opiates stuck in bed in pain? Or on the other hand, do you feel your pain has been due 100% to hyperalgesia? Have you EVER functioned with your illness off all opiates?

    I also applaud you for reading all the suggestions and keeping those practices that help YOU. Do you have more oxycodone in the house, or have you already flushed it?

    Here's my tuppence worth suggestion-wise: whatever you do, don't take oxycodone and loperamide at the same time. I found out the hard way that they counter the effectiveness of each other, leaving you with nothing to control the chronic pain.

    Roaddoggy: Hello! It's good to see that you're still plowing away to become drug free! I admire your determination! Best of all: You're continuing after all this time to help and encourage others.

    I won't be typing frequently myself, as my computer died and I can't afford another one. This reply was typed on my phone.

    One more thing Jungle Dog: I agree that we become what we think. "As a man thinks in his heart, so he is." (Biblical Proverb)

  4. Golddust Woman
    Wow, LMAO!!! When it comes to sex, the imagination can run wild. The ER must have been way funny at times, although I know you can't let the patients see you outright laughing at them. I'm sorry....can't stop laughing. Just can't get the image of someone suspended on a ceiling fan getting flung out a window and impaled on a palm tree. I can even see the people looking up and scratching their heads, wondering how this person ended up like that. Did she fall out of an airplane, helicopter, etc.?
  5. Roaddoggy
    Hey JungleDog thought I would check in to see how your doing? Hope your making it along. I know how tough this shit, can get. I know, I haven't been around for a while, and wanted to stop in, and let ya, Know that you are Loved. Keep up the good work. Much love Roaddog....
  6. marathonmel7
    Hey JD, how are you doing? You seem well and I'm so happy for you. I seemed to have found a really awesome medicine that's allowing me to sleep eight hours not straight through but altogether anyway. It's temazapam. Now I need to find a doc that will prescribe it to me. I don't have nightmares with it and in some crazy way it's helping my pain. I'm sure you know a lot about the med. Does it have any pain killing properties or am I just getting lucky?

    Things are going well for the last two days so I will take that. I will take anything I can get. Looking forward to hearing from you. Keep up the good work my friend. I'm here for you and always supporting you.
  7. Kitts
    Hi JD, just swinging by to send you some love.

    I hope your throat is better. In the UK we've had this horrible flu that comes back and gets you twice. You think you're over it and then BAM! it's back and you're poorly all over again. :s I know how hard you work, I do hope you're taking it easy some of the time and having some fun.

    Good to see the progress you're making. Don't work too hard ok?
    Sending you warmest wishes,
  8. Loveluck29
    Hi jd,

    I just wanted to drop by your thread to see how you are doing. I appreciate your dm, and you are correct I need to find a more positive way to cope with my bf's mental health issues. Ive been thinking a lot about that...

    How are you feeling these days? I hope practice wasn't too stressful.
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