Quitting Oxycodone with Loperamide- My story begins... - Part 199

By Jungledog · Jan 30, 2015 · ·
  1. Hi all! Sorry been stupid busy again. Everything is fine. Sleeping great, pain tolerable, using kratom when I need it, just really busy with both jobs. I have a few appointments today.

    Ellen, I have been off loperamide for quite awhile. Yes, I have access to oxycodone but I haven't used it....yet. :)

    Love, its a process and it takes time. Focus on caring for you.

    Kitts, i am doing well. Thanks for asking.

    Mel, temazepam is a old school benzo that works well for sleep. It doesn't do anything for pain but getting good sleep helps reduce pain.

    See you all later.


  1. BeachWalk
    Hi JD,
    Things sound good with you on all fronts. Guess you're stashing your oxycodone for a pain emergency? I still have some left but didn't refill this time.

    Today is one week of no oxycodone. It has been a difficult one since I found myself reaching for the oxy and then realizing that hey no, not anymore. Old habits die hard. I've been taking Kratom, Ibuprofen and Gabapentin for my pain. My tolerance has gone down. When I started I could take more Kratom, but that same dose a week later now makes me sick. So I reduced it and still felt nauseous. (I was putting in smoothies. Also took Hydroxyzine for the nausea). So now I'm making Kratom Tea. The process is a pain in the rear end but thankfully it seems to be causing less nausea.

    That's it for now. Hang in there everyone!
  2. Roaddoggy
    Jungledog, I must say, I'm a little disappointed in you. When I first started my Loperamide Journey. My goal, was to beat out, (The Loperamide mega thread) which has over 1000 posts. I also wanted to get off Loperamide of course. Until you came along, I had the largest, Loperamide addiction thread, in the world. Well you have managed to kick my butt. This thread, is know the largest, Loperamide thread in the world. Ugh.

    No, I'm just kidding you. I am proud of you, and how far you come, But you must do, what I could not. You must go for the 1000 post mark. You are rocking and rolling. Think about it. When ever any search on Loperamide is done, This thread, will pop up, at the very top, and next, the Loperamide Mega thread, then finely, my little ol thread will be third. LOL.

    The Loperamide mega thread, was the reason, I started using Loperamide! If you get on there and read, Folks are talking about, using large amounts of Loperamide, to easily get off opiates. That's just Bullshit. Loperamide is a evil dragon, that can consume you, in no time.

    So jungledog, I ask, that you take on my challenge. Your almost up to 600 posts, and 50,000 views. WOW!!!!! You got what it takes, to beat the evil mega thread. So I ask that you try your best to do it. If I cant do it, I want to see you do it. But You must also, get clean from loperamide, and stay clean, for it to truly count. I mean imagine, folks reading this monster of a thread you have so beautifully made, without a happy ending?

    Anyway, I have no doubt, this thread will be a success story. As you are so very strong. I know just how, hard loperamide can be to get off of. Remember, there is only a few documented threads, of anyone, actually beating Loperamide. And I have faith, you will be one of them.

    Also Ellen, thank you for your kind words. Lots of love back at ya. Man, did we have a rough run together. I suppose Ill always be a Drug Forum member. I feel, as I have said before, that helping others, helps myself.

    Keep your head held high jungledog, you have my admiration. Much Love Roaddog....
  3. Sleepynurse
    To roaddoggy, I totally agree with in helping others you help yourself. Much the same way we learn more and become proficient at something when we teach it to others.

    In helping, we will become masters of recovery, jd is the master of masters, haha.
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