Quitting Oxycodone with Loperamide- My story begins... - Part 215

By Jungledog · Feb 21, 2015 · ·
  1. Good morning all. I literally spent about 14 hours writing yesterday. Ugh. One of the hardest parts of my job is the expectation to publish. So once a quarter I sit down and force myself to write a paper. Usually I work together with another professor or I will invite an interested student to join me. It is a lot of work but without publications I would lose my job. My focus is on heart disease.

    Health wise I have been feeling better. I am sleeping well. The weight thing is truly annoying but maybe this is just the way things are going to be. I am not young anymore.

    I am holding my kratom dose for now. Sometimes I wake with mild withdraw and sometimes I don't. It is truly weird. I find it works fairly well for the pain. I have not used opiates in many weeks.

    Beach, I do not know if I will stop kratom completely. I figure when the negative outweighs the positive, I will stop. That post you shared was crazy.

    Sleepy, I am very proud and happy for you. Sometimes separation is the answer to force resolution. He needs counseling. You will find a job.

    GDW, how did the new kratom work out? Feeling any better?

    Hope you all have a great day.


  1. BeachWalk
    Hey JD,
    Glad to hear you're doing well. I'm sure having a job that you love helps your recovery tremendously in spite of the stress factor.

    There is no way I can go off the kratom now either. I don't know what I was thinking but there was a reason I got on the pain meds in the first place. I have chronic pain with acute flareups. I remember the last time I went off the oxycodone cold turkey I stayed off for 10 months but the pain issue was always there and nothing helped. So I had to go back on the pain meds. Four years later here I am.

    (Hey just realized I haven't had any oxycodone in ONE MONTH. Woohoo.)

    The surest way for me to resort back to oxy is to not treat my pain. I'm sure you can relate based on what you have said about your pain levels. I will not sabotage all of my hard work of getting off these damn drugs, so yes I will continue on the kratom. And yes I sometimes have withdrawal symptoms in the early morning which is a pain, but I still don't care because it's not oxycodone.

    How lucky are we that there is even something like kratom that helps us not only treat our pain, but be self-sufficient in the process? My only concern is that I wish it was certified organic and I knew exactly where it came from but I must throw caution to the wind.

    I just had a debilitating migraine and took 1 tsp. Bali kratom along with 1 tsp. Green Malaysian and it is amazing how much the pain has decreased. So I am grateful for that.

    BeachWalk added 10 Minutes and 9 Seconds later...

    PS - Speaking of weight, I don't know about you but for me the Green Malaysian is like an appetite suppressant and reduces pain.
  2. marathonmel7
    Hey JD, just got caught up on your thread. I've been taking a break from the forums but today I participated a lot and wanted to make sure I dropped a hello and a supportive wish your way. You are doing so wonderfully. As far as the weight issue, I'm sorry you're dealing with it. i am having the opposite problem in that, I am really thin, down to 112 pounds and I'm 5'6". I am so sick though that I just can't eat and the meds I am on are keeping my appetite low. So I barely eat, maybe once a day. I'm trying my best here. It's just not happening. Oh well, in due time everything will start to work and I will be better.

    Thanks for your support on my thread though. I can always count on a smile after reading your posts. You are a gem. Keep up the good work. I am on morphine right now for my back because my doc doesn't want me in pain as that messes with my heart, blood pressure and everything else. So, I will have to deal with coming off of that when the time comes. It doesn't get me high or anything. Just manages the pain and I get it IV everyday with the nurse along with the other cocktails of meds i get for my heart infection.

    Take care though. keep up the good work. You are doing just fine! So proud of you. perhaps I will try kratom for pain later after all this heart stuff is past. But, my doc wants me to sort out my back issues too. Surgery and whatnot. But I'm like "hey, one thing at a time here." I'm convinced the VA just wants to cut me open and have a little fun. Anyways, it's not about me though it's about you. Love and support to you. Take care my friend.
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