Quitting Oxycodone with Loperamide- My story begins... - Part 22

By Jungledog · Oct 30, 2014 · ·
  1. Jbm,

    Do not be so impressed with me. I am in the fortunate or unfortunate position depending on how you look at of being the only breadwinner in my household. I work in high stress and fast pace. Again, good and bad. Unless I am falling over in cardiac arrest my coworkers could careless. Until I become a patient, they have enough patients to care for...forces me to shut up and keep moving. The days I work from home (I have a unique job of teaching and practice), I seem to feel worse. And I have noticed my symptoms are worse in the evening when I am not distracted by work.

    So anyhow I am having a shitty night. Think 10 pills may be where I hold for a few days. My muscles ache something terrible, only in my legs. Not rls, just muscle pain. Just popped 800 mg motrin, took a hot shower, and plan to next hunt me up a tube of Bengay.

    You are doing awesome. Glad you got pills to do a proper taper. Are you breaking your one pill into 2 doses?



  1. Hydroxyout
    I second the fact that work keeps my mind occupied. I too work with patients. Even with my three boys, and being always busy I find it easier to fight off demons at work (although I'm literally surrounded by demons at work). For some reason being at home triggers something. Haven't quite put my finger on it.

    JD, bangay helped me with rls a bit. I'd rub it on my calf and then wrap it really tight with an elastic bandage. Took a bit of the edge off.

    Stay strong girl. You're getting close.

  2. Cam520
    Hey Jung,

    I think what you said about getting your life together and a support system in place before jumping off anything is the absolute best advice you could give. Thats exactly what I plan on doing with my methadone maintenance...getting the issues in my life resolved, make sure things are going well and back in place before even considering tapering off...

    Smart move, you seem to know exactly what you have to do..
  3. JonBenetMom
    Hey JD-
    I was doing 2 halfs. But today I did 3 halfs because I had 2 reports to do and I just couldn't get it together and I allowed myself a slip. I feel bad but Im still doing ok. Naturally I feel a TON better because now my work is done and I will still appear to be doing a great job,etc. Im going to move forward. Hope you are feeling ok and the achy stuff gets better. Do you get to have the weekends off? I hope so!!
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