Quitting Oxycodone with Loperamide- My story begins... - Part 240

By Jungledog · Mar 19, 2015 · ·
  1. Good morning. Forgot to take my medication last night so here I sit at 4:30 am awake with my animals. Going to be another long, long day.

    LG, I was happy to see you post. I agree with the connection thing and addiction. I do though think at least for me the pain is just pain. I have been dealing with it and taking narcotics for a very long time. I never had a problem until my marriage crumbled. Things there are much improved. We are talking, he is finally getting his shit together. I was so angry at him I poisoned our relationship even more with that toxic emotion. When I let it go and told him what I needed and why and explained I thought I would need to leave, that forced him to wake the fuck up.

    Beach, I have been doing a lot of reflection. I do not use kratom to numb anything but the physical pain. It provides no high, no emotionally warm blanket like high dose oxycodone did. It is just a plant but one that does reduce the physical pain. The physical pain does color everything we do. Perhaps it colors most the intimate connections we have with others. Hard to be intimate when one hurts.

    I keep coming back to pharm class. I teach students about addiction and dependence. There are key differences between the two. When a substance is used reasonably to offset pain this is dependence. If a substance is used to chase a high or numb enotions, that is classic addiction. I was addicted to oxycodone, I am dependent on kratom. If I had no physical pain, well then getting off the plant would be the obvious goal. My pain though cannot be managed with motrin. I tried and I was miserable. I have been miserable with this shit for over a decade.

    Love to all of you!


  1. Roaddoggy
    I would say this. I find Kratom, and opiates, to both be about the same hell to get off of. I also find Kratom to be an excellent pain killer. I actually think Kratom is a far superior pain killer.

    Meaning this, kratom has less side effects. Also I found Kratom, to be an appetite suppressant, and I find it even gives me energy. But, on the down side Kratom has a short half life, and does have a opiate like withdrawal.

    I guess with that said, I'm not so sure you should feel guilty for taking it. I have met a few folks on here, that seem to want so badly to get off there pain meds. Only to discover, that they are in constant pain. from there underlying condition.

    So I guess for me, If I had constant pain, I would definitely pick Kratom, for pain management, over any opiate.

    Now, I do agree, that Kratom, has no real high to it. But it does give me sort of a warm, and happy. I find Kratom to be a all around great tonic. Too bad it is addictive. If it was not, I would be using it every day.

    If I was in constant pain, I would probably use Kratom. I think I would rather be using kratom everyday, instead of opiates. Much love Roaddog...
  2. BeachWalk
    JD I think you may be confusing what I said with LG's post. I am all for treating pain since I have it nearly every day. I really hold no judgment whether it's oxycodone or kratom, but as I said I feel the lesser of 2 evils for me is kratom.

    I personally was dependent on oxycodone - not addicted - and yet I still wanted to get off the drugs. I agree with Road doggy about the short acting benefit and having the need to dose more frequently. But as I said, it would now be my choice over oxy. I have no idea what I'm going to do going forward treating my pain but I do NOT have another withdrawal in me. Kratom was every bit as horrible as Oxycodone to withdraw for me. In fact I almost could say it was worse. Never do I remember having restless legs for 10 days. It was just about more than I could take (and still taking).
  3. Golddust Woman
    Dear JD,

    I apologize for not posting. My phone has been out of commission.

    Ditto Double Ditto to what everyone already said. You have brought so much to this forum. You have taught me so much and doubtless many others. Yo just have no idea how much your presence here is valued.

    As far as treating your physical pain, you should not feel bad about that. Youwouldn't expect your patients to suffer pain needlessly. Therefore, why do you think you should suffer needlessly. This is not about addiction or dependance. This about the quality of your life. You shine a light into this world and you cannot shine as bright if you ate suffering physical pain. Untreated pain leads to depression. You know this as a healthcare professional.

    Now, however, you do spread yourself thin I think at times. Always giving unselfishly of yourself. If you need some down time you should take it. Like maybe posting here at DF a little less frequently or take a big break if that is what you need. We all care about you and want what is best for you.

    My weary in pain friend, my heart goes out to you. You will always be in my thoughts and prayers.

    (((((((BIG HUGS)))))))
  4. marathonmel7
    Just saying hi JD. Hope you feel better. I am not going to write a lot. I've got two inner ear infections right now and they are affecting my ability to do even the simplest of tasks. My equilibrium is all off. I suppose I will go to the doc tomorrow for some more meds. As if I'm not on enough already ugh! I don't know what else to do though. First it was my right ear, now it's my left ear. So, I have to get it treated. I have 80% hearing loss in my left ear and 30% hearing loss in my right ear from IRaq and with these ear infections I can hardly hear anything. So annoying.

    Anyways, enough about me. I really hope you are ok. I worry about you. It seems like you and I are having a lot of health issues post opiate use. Sucks. You try and do the right thing and then you get slammed with this bullshit. That's what it is too… BULLSHIT!

    But, sending all the love and support i have your way. Take good care of yourself and I hope you have a good day tomorrow. Love to you and yours!
  5. Cmenot
    Hi JD, I too hope you keep posting, but you do what is best for you and your life. I see no problem with your kratom use... it doesn't impair you and actually helps you focus when it gives pain relief...where is the problem? Unless you feel it is aggravating your adrenal issues.
    Your life has improved in every area since you quit the oxy...if you need a little kratom..so what.
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