Quitting Oxycodone with Loperamide- My story begins... - Part 245

By Jungledog · Mar 30, 2015 · ·
  1. Well yesterday was "fun." I had another 9 hour long puking adventure. My doctor and 2 others decided it was time to find the cause. A whole day in the ER and a whole lot of money later the only thing we know for sure is it is not my gallbladder. Hoping this week they can get one of their GI buddies to scope me. Something is fucking wrong and I am sick of this shit. We were crazy busy. I saw 36 patients, 9 new consults and then ended up as a patient myself for testing and 2 bags of IV fluid. I was incredibly dehydrated. I couldn't even pee. Damn. Hoped it was my gallbladder. That would be a quick fix. Oh well.

    Beach, migraines suck. Had them bad when I was younger but thankfully let up as I got older. Nothing worked on them. They were atypical and opiates took the edge off. That just sucks!! Hoping you find relief too. It is like the walking wounded right now on this board. I am sitting here at 4 am with a monster headache and sore throat. Can't get a break. :(


  1. Kitts
    Sorry you're feeling so rough, JD. 4am is a horrible time of night to be lying awake and feeling so poorly. I hope they can find out soon what is going on for you.

    Beach, have you tried Triptans for your migraines? I know they don't always work for long, but new ones come out and sometimes one that had stopped working for you can start helping again. This happened to me with Zolmitriptan, it was odd.

    JD your schedule is crazy! I know you love it, and you're so good at your work. The story of you communicating with the addict and his mom was amazing, when the doctor didn't want to even speak to him. Who knows what a difference your words could have made to his life going forward. You never know what seeds get planted, all you can do is try, and then hope for the best. But yeah I'm losing my point here, yes - don't work too hard JD. Especially with these extra weekends and your health and sleeping issues, make sure you take it easy on yourself a bit and try not to put yourself last.

    Love to both of you,
  2. Sleepynurse
    JD, that is awful. I wonder what the hell it is. And I'm sure waking up early is going to do nothing helpful regarding your migraine. I was awake from 2-4 this morning, also. Boo.

    How is your pain through all of this gi stuff?
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