Quitting Oxycodone with Loperamide- My story begins... - Part 25

By Jungledog · Oct 31, 2014 · ·
  1. GDW,

    Thanks for stopping by. Got your message and glad you are hanging in as well. It is tough to get off all this crap. Today has been better than yesterday so far so I will wait until tonight to make a choice on taking the extra 2 lopes or dropping to 10. Want off this stuff but I know I have to listen to my body.


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    End of Day 8

    The work day was long but I really love what I do so it is fun too. I spent some time reading and working on writing up some research I did for publication. I am one of those crazy people who enjoy writing so this too is fun.

    I got a terrible headache in the afternoon. I tried Tylenol, motrin, imitrex and nothing helped. I was seriously thinking about taking a vicoden (I find hydrocodone useless so the old bottle sits) but I sat in a hot shower with an ice pack alternating hot/cold. That broke the migraine. Thank God.

    I am now exhausted and heading to bed. I am going to hold at 10 pills as detox wise I really feel ok. My first few cuts were really big and the past few were small. Actually wondering if the past few days were the big cut results and that I got through it. Can't figure out why else I would suddenly feel pretty good, ya know?

    Off to bed early. Wish you all good quality sleep!


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    Day 9 of the Taper off Loperamide

    Good morning all! Well, I have not had an oxycodone in 35 days. :applause: I have been on a loperamide taper now for about 3 weeks. Today I dropped to 9 pills. I am getting close to being done with loperamide. Then of course comes getting off the kratom but I have been really monitoring my dose of that too. This morning I had 1 tsp of Bali.

    How am I feeling? Pretty good actually. I woke with some muscle aches and general shitty feeling at 4am. I went to bed at 9pm last night so I actually got a decent amount of sleep. I am a bit concerned with this crappy sleep cycle as this his how my adrenal fatigue started last time. Anyhow, today I am going to get my doctor to give me some Ambien.

    Hope you all have a great day...keep kicking. Many hugs, JD

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    Ok just had to take 1.5 tsp of Maeng da. I just can't get moving! I am not sick. No symptoms other than fatigue and this weird heavy lead feeling in my arms. Not sure what the fuck that is but it is annoying. Hope the kratom will help me move.

    And guess what? I am down 1 more pound and I did not even exercise the past 2 days because of long ass work hours. I have been diligent about my whole food plant based diet. I really think it is why this taper is going so well. I felt amazing on this diet when I followed it before so glad it seems to be working again.


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    Mid-day Day 9

    Feeling fine. Worked all day. Still have some email stuff to do and need to get ready for some Halloween stuff. I have had mild symptoms such as sweating, muscle aches, and sometimes feel queasy. Biggest issue is complete lack of energy. I took Kratom again at 3pm.

    Enjoy Halloween tonight all!



  1. Hydroxyout
    Good stuff JD! Seems like most symptoms are tolerable for you. That makes me happy. You've got this shit handled! I'm a bit more tired today for some reason than I have been. Maybe it's just the gloomy rainy weather making me all soggy :(

    Keep kickin'. Always a pleasure to read one of your updates.

  2. Roaddoggy
    Yes JB I'm rooting for you too. I know you can do this. Your moving so fast. Be sure and allow your body time tea heal . Great job. Much Love Roaddog....

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    Cardiac conduction disturbance after loperamide abuse.


    Abstract Context. Prescription opioid abuse is a major public health concern and an ongoing epidemic in the United States. Loperamide is a widely available and inexpensive over-the-counter antidiarrheal with peripheral mu-opioid receptor activity. Online resources discuss the use of loperamide for the amelioration of withdrawal symptoms or recreational abuse. We describe the clinical course of 5 patients abusing loperamide, 3 of whom had life-threatening cardiac arrhythmias. Methods. In this observational case series, patients with cardiac arrhythmias or history of loperamide abuse with cardiac arrhythmias were identified; 5 patients were identified and 4 of the 5 patients were seen directly at the bedside. Clinical profile and outcome of patients is reported.
    Results. We report 5 patients with history of loperamide abuse; 3 of the 5 patients had life-threatening cardiac arrhythmias. One of the patients experienced a second life-threatening arrhythmia after he resumed loperamide abuse. Loperamide levels were obtained in 4 of the 5 patients and were at least one order of magnitude greater than therapeutic concentrations. Discontinuation of loperamide resulted in complete resolution of cardiac conduction disturbances.
    Conclusion. This case series describes several patients with cardiac conduction abnormalities and life-threatening ventricular arrhythmias temporally related to loperamide abuse. With the recent efforts to restrict the diversion of prescription opioids, increasing abuse of loperamide as an opioid substitute may be seen. Toxicologists should be aware of these risks and we urge all clinicians to report such cases to FDA Medwatch(®).

    Marraffa JM, Holland MG, Sullivan RW, Morgan BW, Oakes JA, Wiegand TJ, Hodgman MJ This is a new study that came out showing the possible side effects of long term loperamide use. Although the study only shows 5 people. I did not have This condition while being on loperamide. But I have heard from a couple other loperamide addicts, who have had this. Not trying to scare, you just inform you. Watch your Heart. It loves you. So do I. Much Love. Roaddog....
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