Quitting Oxycodone with Loperamide- My story begins... - Part 255

By Jungledog · Apr 12, 2015 · ·
  1. Last night was incredibly fun. We hung out with friends and drank wine (I have never had an alcohol issue and can count on one hand how many times I drink in one year). We laughed and talked. My parents kept my youngest child so we stayed the night at a beach.

    My marriage is turning a corner. Finally. Last night I spent the whole night wrapped in my husband's arms. I can't recall the last time that happened. We both cried as we talked through some really heavy issues. We both believe that marriage should be forever (obviously people I am not saying if you are in an abusive marriage that you should stay and work shit out). We both believe in working through our issues and finding forgiveness. He really has finally gotten his act together. His business is up and running and he is making money. I feel like we are heading in the right direction again. I am very grateful.

    Hope you all are well. Oh and Beach research ketogenic diets and chronic headaches. It could be your answer.


  1. gbread

    What a truly lovely post. What hope! After all the struggle and pain, we get to experience joy.
    Sounds like you and your husband have a really intimate relationship. My mom and dad are like that.
    I gave up on true love but recently have been dreaming about it.

    Cannot say there's much more in life worth living for, someone you love. Having someone to share
    life's journey. What a gift! I think it's one of my aspirations. I am really happy for you.

    Much Love
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