Quitting Oxycodone with Loperamide- My story begins... - Part 259

By Jungledog · Apr 20, 2015 · ·
  1. Yes, I have taken sustained release fentanyl and a few others except OxyContin because it is literally not available in my state. The biggest issue I had was horrific constipation because the opiates never wore off so to speak. You are totally right about the no high. The biggest reason at this time for preferring Kratom is I do not have to spend 2 weeks each month in withdrawal because no local pharmacy can fill the prescription because the DEA fucked up delivery again.

    My husband takes a legally prescribed stimulant. For the past 2 months he has had to endure 1 week to 10 days of withdrawal because he was unable to fill the prescription. Luckily he gets prescribed 2 pills daily so this time once it was filled I convinced him to just go 10 days with a half dose. That way he will not be totally out next time. He still feels crappy but at least he can function. These DEA morons think they are doing good and fail to realize that what they are really doing is screwing legitimate patients. Perhaps it is different in other states and other countries but I am done playing the game with big pharm and the DEA. Kratom works and it is legal where I live. The whole thing pisses me off.

    Sparkles, I got what you meant!! :) It made complete sense. Unfortunately I live in an area where there is a government witch hunt on narcotic use. The unfortunate thing is while greatly reducing the illegal pill trade they also stripped legitimate patients of their meds plus inadvertently just pushed people to heroin use. Heroin is easy to get and cheaper than pills. We are seeing a lot of endocarditis which is costing taxpayers a ton of money as none of these people have insurance and require open heart surgery. The hospital eats the cost but you can bet they share their loss by passing on the bill to those who have insurance by raising costs. We have solved nothing. Addicts just changed drugs. They would be much better off chewing pills.

    Anyhow, thanks as always for your love :) :) !!!


  1. BeachWalk
    Go JD go. I wholeheartedly agree that big pharma controls our every move when it comes to punishing legitimate pain patients. Obviously the DEA can't stop the thousands of deaths each year from prescription pain pill overdoses for those with or without pain, so they do a blanket crack down on everyone.

    I am all for your doing kratom - at least it's a real plant - not synthetically manufactured and you are in control of your own pain treatment. If the government felt one iota of the pain we feel they might be singing a different tune.

    Additionally, I am all for legalizing medical marijuana in the US and think that again the government and big pharma stepped in to arrest and prohibit all users of a plant that has shown people can find relief in a whole host of illnesses -- not the least of which is cancer. I had a friend with terminal breast cancer in Florida who had to buy her marijuana on the black market as she lay dying from the pain and nausea. In the meantime, people are sent to jail (for small amounts) or are suffering from pain.

    Personally, I am at a point where I have exhausted ALL resources of eastern/western treatment for my chronic pain and nausea. Yes, I've still got the damn nausea after 6 weeks of going off opiates. So I am going to explore other options which sadly are only legal in a few states. It totally sucks.

    Dr. Sanjay Gupta did a CNN special last night on Weed 3 - about legalizing medical marijuana in the US and getting this plant into the hands of those who are chronically ill - including PTSD for veterans. Get it together people -- marijuana was used freely and successfully for ailments pre-1937.

    Okay sorry JD - I'm off my soapbox now. Chronic pain has a way of making me really angry when there may be relief around the corner, but it's not legal. So stick with your kratom and I am very happy that it's helping you.

    Sparkles: You are so right about going off opiates and having our immune systems go to hell. It's incredible how much they numb our pain but we don't realize it until we're off. But they do help when we need it most.

    Thank you JD for allowing me to post here. I hope you are feeling well today.
    Love to you and all on this board.
    PS - Would love a walk on the beach - you're so lucky you're by the ocean now.
  2. Jungledog
    The beach is my happy place. I find peace there. Still think it would be a great place for a rehab!!! Beach, you are always welcome to post here. I am so sorry you are suffering with the nausea and headaches. That sucks.

    Things on my end are good and I am grateful. Hope each of you are well. Gbread you sound like you are making great progress!
  3. Kitts
    Yes - please can we have a rehab on the beach, JD? ;)

    Glad to hear you are doing ok. The appointment is this week isn't it? Is it on Friday? I'll be thinking of you.

    Hugs, Kitts.
  4. mrs.badger
    Have you ever seen the tv show 'Intervention'? I swear every rehab facility is by the beach or some body of water.
  5. Jungledog
    Yes, EGD is this week. You have a great memory!!! I need this damn gallbladder out. I never watched intervention but it sounds like they have the right idea!!! Lol. I think we could set up one mean rehab!!
  6. Ellen042
    Hi Jd. I've not read your whole thread, just half plus the last page, and I'm impressed! I know you started at a high dose of loperamide and got down to single digit pills FAST, but where are you now? I know you're finding Katrom a help, but are you still on any loperamide? Also, what is the cause of your chronic pain, and how do you plan to manage it long term? Thanks for your patience with me!

    Gbread, I'm also amazed that you made it from 50 loperamide pills down to five!!! You give me hope!

    I previously used loperamide for one month to come off oxycodone. Now I'm using it again to come off hydrocodone. I CANNOT taper oxycodone or hydrocodone, but I can taper loperamide. I just started my loperamide use and taper again. I started at 30 pills/day and am now on 24 pills/day. If you get a chance, stop by my new thread Off Hydrocodone with Controversial Loperamide just to say hi if nothing else. I too am a chronic pain patient, and I no longer know how to manage my pain long term, as I've built up such a tolerance to narcotics and nothing else works.

    Good luck to you all!

    Hugs, Ellen
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