Quitting Oxycodone with Loperamide- My story begins... - Part 262

By Jungledog · Apr 26, 2015 · ·
  1. It is my gallbladder. Surgical consult is Monday. The doctor I work with knows the surgeon very well and personally arranged for me to see him. Graduation is next week and I plan to attend so the following week will be surgery. I am going to be damn glad to be rid of it. I will probably need opiates for a few days but I am really not too worried about that.

    I saw pain management one last time Friday. He gave me restoril and I have slept like a baby for the past 2 nights. I needed it. I have never had an issue with benzos and I know better than to take them routinely. I feel so much better. I can't tolerate the no sleep thing.

    Well off to catch up on threads. Then I have to head to the hospital to round. I am on call this weekend. Hope you all are well.


  1. Ellen042
    How did you're appointment go, Jdog, if you don't mind my asking. I thought the appointment had to do with your gallbladder, but you keep mentioning your adrenals too. Adrenal insufficiency? My doctor says I have adrenal insufficiency (due to my crazy low sodium levels) but its never confirmed with testing. Do you think loperamide could have messed up our adrenal glands?

    I'm so proud of you for managing your pain without opiates!! Do you use Bali Kratom? If not, what kind? How to you manage a dose when you're not a home? Capsules, and otherwise tea? With the pain I'm having now, I'm starting to think I may need to eventually use Kratom.

    So glad you can go to the beach to relax! I'm a mountain girl, but the closest real mountains (Appalacians of western NC and eastern TN) are four hours away.

    Again, you're an inspiration to me. If you came off loperamide with chronic pain, I can too! If I do switch to Kratom, it will be when I'm in the single digits of loperamide pills per day.
    Have a blessed day!

  2. gbread

    So glad to hear it's the gallbladder. Well, not glad, but know that it is something that can be resolved. and with relatively no pain. My dad had the same thing and never felt better when it was over!! Surely you can manage the few days on opiates. I am excited for you.

    I am close to the North Georgia mountains, but I am too a beach girl. I grew up in Savannah and love my memories of walking on the beach with my grandma every summer. We'd all build sandcastles and look for shells and dig sanddollars. Oh well, I am happy that someone is there!

    You are doing well and I am glad you got restoril and your kratom. Definitely an inspiration to all of us JDog.

    Much Love, GBread
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